10 Reasons your Skin is Looking Dull and Tired

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Flaunting glowing skin is like every girl’s dream. We spend huge sums of money in parlours and spas to get that glow and radiance, but then when it starts to look dull and lifeless within a day or two, you need to dig into the real reasons behind it going lacklustre back again. Lack of nutrients, dehydration, pollution, continuous exposure to sun’s harmful rays can all contribute to skin becoming dull, but in this post, we underline 10 Reasons your Skin is looking dull and tired always and their solutions.

Reasons your Skin is Looking Dull and Tired

1. Dehydration: It is one of the most common reasons behind skin feeling and looking dull. And there’s a reason why skin experts and dermatologists recommend to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to keep skin supple, hydrated – it also flushes out toxins. When your skin feels flaky, itchy, sensitive, feels tight, blame it on dehydration. If you lack the motivation to drink water through the day, here are some tips on “How To Drink More Water When You Don’t Feel Thirsty Enough!” Also, consume fruits high in water content (watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, etc.) to get the vitamins along with water, double bonus!

2. Skin Damage Due To Sun Exposure: Another major reason why skin goes dull and lifeless – skipping sunscreen when stepping outside. Harmful rays from the sun can damage your skin in multiple ways – from triggering rashes to premature ageing, it’s the root cause of all major skincare woes. Never skip a sunscreen, choose a broad spectrum one, with UVA and UVB protection because it can totally prevent your skin from going dull.

3. Wrong Eating Habits: Don’t tell us you are big foodie (all the junk and street food make it to your three meals of the day most of the times) and then you expect soft, supple, and flawless skin in return. Honestly, that’s too much to ask ladies. Keep your diet healthy, get on a good diet program like the Rati Beauty diet. Cut off added sugar, keep away from processed food, and see the difference on your skin in a matter of few days. To make the less puffy, cut down on salt intake as well.

4. No Proper Skincare Routine in Place: Always maintain a good morning and night-time skincare routine – do take 5 to 10 minutes out of your busy schedule for these routines and choose your products properly. Do try to get monthly clean-ups to get your skin pampered. Also, your skin will love a good massage and it will feel rejuvenated with these pampering sessions.

5. Sleeping with makeup On: This is the biggest mistake, in fact, it’s a big crime to sleep with makeup on. Nothing can damage the skin than sleeping with 8 hours of “wearing makeup” like an overnight mask. You must remove the makeup before hitting the bed, period! It will block your pores, your skin won’t breathe, leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Always remove your makeup and then follow CTM routine at bedtime.

6. Not Moisturizing the Skin Enough: Every skin type needs a moisturizer, even the oiliest one out there. Just like you should never skip a sunscreen, always remember to keep your skin moisturized, and choose one for your skin type. For oily skin, a water-based moisturizer like these would be apt (50 Best Moisturisers for Oily Acne Prone Skin).

7. Not Exfoliating On a Regular Basis: There are millions of dead skin cells accumulating on the top layer of the skin and it’s essential to slough off these rough texture to reveal a smoother layer. Here’s a homemade skin brightening exfoliator/face pack that you could try to reveal instantly bright skin.

8. No Vitamin C in Skincare Routine: If you haven’t started yet on a vitamin C product in your skincare routine, you have to start right now. It’s a powerful antioxidant that also brightens skin tone and also gets rid of dullness of the skin. Here’s the recipe for an inexpensive Vitamin C Serum you can make at home.

9. Too Much Stress is Taking a Toll on your Skin: Thought chronic stress could only disturb your peace of mind?! No, it can do a lot more – trigger weight gain, hair fall, and rob the skin’s radiance as well. Find ways to de-stress and to lower cortisol hormone (yoga, dancing, gardening, reading are a few options that you could try), to get the glow back on your skin.

10. You Aren’t Getting 8 Hours of Sleep: Just like stress, sleep deprivation can take a toll on your skin and trigger a lot of skincare issues. Allow your skin to repair and rejuvenate by giving it enough rest at night, and do get your mandatory 8 hours of sleep every night.

Hope these 10 tips to get back the glow and radiance on your face.

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