10 Ultra-Processed Foods you Should Avoid Buying To Lose Weight

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When we are desperately trying to lose weight, every calorie counts! And weight loss experts unanimously agree that giving up processed food can help you cut down calories by a great deal and it’s good for overall health too. However, it’s also important to note that not all processed foods are unhealthy – milk and cheese need proper processing to make them appropriate for human consumption. We are more concerned about ultra-processed foods which have loads of empty calories, have high sugar, sodium, and fat content with toxic ingredients like transfat, and also artificial flavours and texture, so much so that they been greatly altered from their original form. Also, any processed food with more than five ingredients is usually considered ultra processed. Additionally, if artificial flavour is added, it’s definitely ultra processed. These foods also lack any nutritional value and with their high calorie content lead to weight gain along with triggering inflammation and causing health issues. So, that’s why, in this post, we list down 10 ultra-processed foods you should avoid buying to lose weight.

Processed Foods you Should Avoid Buying

1. Pastries: Made with refined flour and loads of sugar, you can indulge in them occasionally but not regularly.
2. Potato Chips: It’s really hard to say “no” to a bag of potato chips, but potato chips need to be out of your daily diet. And no, even baked chips are “okay,” because most of them have a compound called “acrylamide” that can potentially cause nerve damage, increase the risk of cancer, among other health risks and create inflammation which is a major reason for weight gain. No matter the shape, no matter whether it’s baked or not, potato chips are not good for weight loss at all. They are high in calories, can have transfat.
3. Pizza: You can have them as part of your cheat meal, not a regular indulgence because pizza is considered an ultra-processed food.
4. Canned Fruits: No, canned fruits soaked in sugar syrup is not healthy and do not carry the same nutritional value as fresh fruits. They are the easiest way to gain weight and build up belly fat.
5. Microwave Popcorn: The ones that come in microwavable packets are laced with butter, artificial flavour, high in transfat and calories, but you can have pop them out at kernels and munch on these low-calorie snacks.
6. White Bread: Refined flour, artificial ingredients, sugar, everything about white bread is unhealthy and if it’s your breakfast staple along with jam, it’s high time to check weight-loss friendly weight loss options on the Rati Beauty diet.
7. Margarine: It’s not a healthier option when compared to plain butter. Margarine is made by whipping together vegetable oils and is a heavily processed food; it may contain transfat which has been linked to increased risk of obesity and cardiovsacular diseases. Heavily processed foods like margarine can raise inflammation in the body, making it extremely difficult to shed extra weight. So, stick to naturally-extracted butter and practice moderation with it too.
8. Biscuits: They are made of everything refined – flour, sugar, and also have transfat – all of which increase belly fat and overall weight.
9. Instant Noodles and Soups: Do count the ingredients mentioned at the back, and you would immediately understand that instant noodles and soups come under the category of ultra-processed foods.
10. Breakfast Cereals: Though many cereal boxes claim to have fortified vitamins and minerals, most of them are high in sugar content with loads of empty calories, and cause sharp rise in insulin level, which as we all by know by now, is also a hormone that encourages storage of excess calories as fat in the body. Some may even have dehydrated fruit bits but they are usually coated in sugar and artificial colors to appeal to customers and have little to no nutrient value. So, do your waistline a favour and switch to healthy and traditional breakfast options such as poha, thepla, idli, dosa, thepla, dalia, etc. To make your weight loss routine smooth easy, check out delicious and weight-loss friendly options on the Rati Beauty app.

Avoid these ultra-processed foods and shave off excess calories to lose weight.

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