4K what? Samsung’s ridiculous 75-inch 8K TV is $1,500 off for Black Friday

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If you want to pick up a TV for Black Friday, you can just head on over to Amazon, get your hands on a 65-inch LG C1 for $1,797, and call it a day. But what if you don’t want a regular TV, even if it is the best OLED currently available? What if you want something a little larger, a little more extreme?

Then you should take a look at Samsung’s 8K TVs. The range starts off at a fairly reasonable $2,499 for the 65-inch QN800A — down $1,000 from its retail price — and goes up to $5,499 for the 85-inch QN900A, which even to me feels like a bit too much. Then again, that model retails for an astounding $8,999, so you are saving $3,500 — nearly the price of two LG’s 65-inch OLED TVs.

The TV that makes the most amount of sense here (if that’s even possible) is the 75-inch QN800A. It retails for $4,799, but for Black Friday Samsung is discounting it to $3,299, or $1,500 off — 83% of the price of that LG 65-inch C1.

So what do you get for that price? Well, there’s the obvious bragging rights; you get to show off those glorious 33 million pixels to your friends and family, while they have to make do with their meager 4K sets with just 8 million pixels.

You also get a 75-inch panel with a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320, and a lot of quantums: the QN800A has a QLED (Quantum dot LED) screen, but here you get something called Quantum Matrix Technology Pro, which has 1.5x more lighting zones than the regular Quantum Matrix Technology. There’s also a Neo Quantum Processor 8K that uses AI to analyze what’s playing scene-by-scene so you get the best picture quality. HDR10 is blasé at this point, so you get Quantum HDR 32x.

Samsung Neo QN800A 75-Inch QLED 8K TV

Samsung Neo QN800A 75-Inch QLED 8K TV

The QN800A has Samsung’s latest QLED tech backed by an image engine that delivers real 8K resolution with all of its glorious 33 million pixels — if you can find any source content. Best of all, it has more quantums than your current TV.

$3,299 at Samsung

The TV has an Infinity One Design aesthetic that looks rather nice, 70W built-in audio, and if you should feel like playing games on it at some point, it does 4K at 120Hz. It also has Google Assistant and Alexa integration, and because this is Samsung, Bixby has been shoehorned for good measure.

As for the small matter of 8K content (or lack thereof), Samsung says the TV is able to upscale source content to 8K using AI. So if you’re bored of your 4K TV and want something that’s not as practical, the 75-inch QN800A definitely fits that bill.

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