5 Beauty Tips To Steal From Disha Patani

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She has been on the cover of multiple magazines and has been the face of a number of promotions as well. But this Bollywood diva looks rather different off screen. She looks extremely ethereal and has a pleasant ‘girl next door’ look. Also, we can’t help but notice her dewy skin which almost has a glass-like appearance. It would be a great idea to dig into her skincare routine to find out how she flaunts clear skin and texture. So, here we come with 5 Beauty Tips To Steal From Disha Patani.

Beauty tips to steal from Disha Patani

1. She is a fitness freak. And that’s why she attributes the glow on her skin to workout and drinking loads of water.
2. She follows a proper cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine. She highly recommends hydrating skin at all times by applying a good moisturizer (Here’s a list of Top 10 Fragrance-Free Moisturizers in India).
3. Oils her hair regularly to condition it, and swears by almond oil. Read about “12 Incredible Head to Toe Uses of Almond Oil.”
4. Dabs rose water right before bed. Read about “15 Ways To Use Rose Water for Beautiful Skin.”
5. Her favorite makeup items are lip balm and mascara.

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