5 Beauty Tips To Steal From Sara Ali Khan

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Sara Ali Khan, all of 26 years, is a star kid who is already a name to reckon with, also rules social media with her fashion and lifestyle statements. She is such a graceful personality and does not have the usual tantrums associated with star kids. She credits her well-toned physique to regular workout (she says she exercises 6 days a week) and leads a disciplined life. We also love how her skin looks flawless and dug deep to find out her beauty secrets, and in this post, we list down 5 Beauty Tips To Seal from Sara Ali Khan.

Beauty Tips To Steal From Sara Ali Khan

1. Sara applies leftover fruit from the breakfast on her face to get glow naturally and to give skin a boost of antioxidants.
2. To exfoliate her skin thoroughly, she uses fresh almond paste.
3. She loves applying honey as a face pack on her face for its soothing, moisturizing, and anti-microbial properties.
4. She relies on exercise to get that glow from within.
5. Absolutely recommends everyone to get 8 hours of beauty sleep to wake up with supple, fresh, and plump skin in the morning.

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