5 Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants

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Every restaurant needs a website. And not just any ol’ site. 

More often than not, restaurant websites are the first interactions a guest will have with your business. So, you want to impress potential customers with a beautiful design

You’ll also want to highlight your menu, store hours, and reviews. With these WordPress plugins for restaurant websites, you can quickly add multiple functionalities. 

We’ve curated a few for you to try. Take a look at these restaurant plugins below. 

Restaurant Menu is a three-in-one solution for your restaurant business. The user-friendly interface offers a restaurant menu, online ordering, and reservation booking system. Plus, you don’t need coding experience to add these cool features. 

The WordPress plugin includes a drag-and-drop online menu editor. You can upload custom images or choose from a collection of food images. Customize the food menu items based on size and choice. The responsive design makes it easy for guests to check out your menu on their mobile devices, too. 

restaurant menu wordpress plugin

Online ordering comes with a single-page checkout and data auto-fill for returning customers. Your guests will get real-time confirmation of their orders and an estimated fulfillment time. You can even change the opening times for pick-up and delivery orders. 

Lastly, guests can book reservations in advance by filling out a simple form. They can receive and confirm their table reservations from the restaurant app. 

2. Store Hours Manager for WooCommerce 

Are you open? When do you open on Monday? What time do you close tonight? Restaurants receive calls from potential patrons asking these exact questions daily. You can now reduce the number of phone calls by posting the hours on your website.  

Store Hours Manager for WooCommerce gives you the flexibility to inform your guests. You can enable (or disable) the checkout functionality to only allow orders based on your schedule. That way, if you’re closed, no orders will be processed.  

store hours manager for woocommerce

The plugin’s core features include a site-wide popup to show restaurant ordering status, an override function to instantly disable checkout during rush times, and a management mode for admins. You can download the mobile app to easily adjust the restaurant schedule on the go. 

You also can upgrade this plugin to get bonus features. Add your logo to notifications, manage a floating widget, and display a countdown clock. 

3. Easy Notification Bar 

Every single day, restaurants compete to grab the attention of their customers. Whether it’s a lunch special or happy hour deal, you’re probably reinventing new ways to get paying guests.  

You need a way to spread the word about your latest offerings. Luckily, you can inform your website visitors with notification messages.  

Easy Notification Bar is a plugin that adds a custom top bar notification message to your site.  You can quickly add text and a button to direct potential customers to a specific page. You also have the option to keep the notification bar static or sticky. A sticky bar will remain visible as your visitors scroll down the page. 

This WordPress restaurant plugin offers an easy setup with the WordPress customizer. You can change the background, color, text alignment, and font size settings. The responsive design works perfectly on mobile devices, too. 

4. WP Store Locator 

Your guests have selected to dine at your restaurant tonight. The next step is to show them how to get to your location. Back in the day, guests would get directions by calling the restaurant or even stopping at a nearby gas station to ask for help. 

Luckily, no one has to waste time doing those tasks anymore. WP Store Locator is a powerful location management plugin for restaurant websites. You can add a map directly to your WordPress website to help your guests. 

The tool allows you to customize the appearance of the map and add custom labels for entry fields. Your guests can filter the results by radius and get driving directions to your restaurant in their selected language.  

wp store locator wordpress plugin

You can add extra details about your restaurant, such as the phone number, email address, and opening hours. Driving directions can display driving distances in kilometers or miles. 

5. Five Star Restaurant Reviews 

Social proof is a key influencer for customers. They trust the opinions of their family, friends, and even strangers when buying services.  

Reviews offer insight into the customer’s overall experience and can persuade potential customers. Reviews also can improve your business if you implement the feedback.  

Five Star Restaurant Reviews is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that adds and displays reviews on your restaurant’s website using schema markup. It scans search engines to identify and integrate the reviews. 

five star restaurant reviews wordpress plugin

With this restaurant plugin, you can accept an unlimited number of reviews, earn ratings on reviews, and add those reviews to your website. The reviews appear in a clean, modern layout that fits all screen sizes. So, your reviews will look good on smartphones and tablets. 

The premium version of this WordPress plugin includes a thumbnail layout and an image-based layout. There are also several styling options available to customize the color and the size of your star ratings. 

Serving a Better Restaurant Website to Your Customers 

The online restaurant experience is just as important as the dine-in experience. Showcase your menu, new specials, and store hours with these WordPress plugins for restaurant websites. 

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