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Walmart announced the Free Assembly brand in 2020 — when most of us were still wearing joggers topped with work blouses every day. In the launch release, Walmart SVP Women’s Group, Elevated and Online Brands Denise Incandela, described Free Assembly as, “a modern fashion brand that offers elevated style essentials at an incredible value.”

As much as I’d like to say, “we’ve heard that one before,” I have to admit it that Free Assembly’s fall line-up this year looks pretty darn good. Styles learn more towards classic vs. trendy, price points are low, and most of the reviews are strong.

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The reviews overall indicate that only a proportionally small number of garments missed the mark with shoppers. Poor fit was the most common complaint I came across, and that’s not terribly surprising. Budget brands often have trouble producing pieces that consistently fit well.

What does surprise me is how many Free Assembly pieces I want to buy. Here is a look at six of my favorites and how I’d wear them.

Walmart Free Assembly fall picks

1. Corduroy jacket

Corduroy jacket.

For $32, this corduroy jacket is a dream for fall. Layer it over any casual to mid-range outfit for instant style. The large, round buttons and oversized collar have a cool-chic blazer vibe that just looks right.

You’ll have to snap this one up quick. It was originally available in three colors and seven sizes, but they’re disappearing fast.

2. Organic cotton shirt dress

Cotton shirt dress.

Oh, how I love a good shirt dress. This one’s available in black or indigo as shown. Wear it with sneakers on casual days or ankle boots when you need to be a step up from casual. You could even add leggings and a scarf to keep wearing this dress through winter.

All in, Free Assembly’s shirt dress is a worthwhile investment in Walmart fashion for $30 — or maybe less if you use one of these coupons.

3. Fatigue jacket

Fatigue jacket.

The fatigue jacket has quietly become a fall fashion staple over the last several years. Free Assembly’s version for $29 is available in classic olive (they call it artichoke) as well as a burnt orange (they call it brown brick), and black. All three can work right into your fall rotation, over jeans and t-shirts or sweaters.

4. Midi dress

Walmart Free Assembly midi dress.

This cotton/poly/spandex dress isn’t plain — it’s what I’d call an outfit canvas. You wear it as a base to style up with shoes and accessories. You have so many looks available here — with or without a belt, heels to sneakers, layered with a sweater (over or under would work) or blazer, and on and on. With a price tag of $22, you could get your cost-per-wear on this dress down to spare change.

Many years ago, I had a dress very similar to this one. I wore it until it literally fell apart.

5. Sweater dress

Sweater dress by Walmart Free Assembly.

The sexy, slinky sweater dress is another fall favorite. The fuller sleeve combined with a fitted cuff is a chic design touch. And the sassy, above-the-knee hemline just begs you to pare this dress with your OTK boots.

Walmart shoppers love this dress, giving it five-star reviews and buying up the sizes. The price tag is $30, but this piece is selling fast.

6.  Raglan sweater

Red raglan sweater.

I’m always on the lookout for cute tops that don’t require much. Free Assembly’s raglan turtleneck sweater in coral bisque falls right into that category. The color is gorgeous, and the style is easy — a nice match for jeans and any coat in your closet. The raglan sleeve (it’s one piece with no shoulder seam) has a flattering, feminine shape, too. Make this top yours for $20.

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