8 Things All Skin Types Should Avoid To Prevent Dry Skin in Winters

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Dry skin is the trickiest kind of skin type and requires utmost care, especially during winters. Dry skin feels flaky, tight and devoid of moisture and certain things can aggravate all these conditions. But in winters, all skin types tend to get stretchy and dry, even the oiliest ones. In this post, we list out 8 Things all skin types should avoid to prevent dry skin in winters to flaunt glowing skin instead.

Things All Skin Types Should Avoid To Prevent Dry Skin

1. Using Strong Facial Cleansers: It’s time to switch to gentle facial cleansers this season. Winters require switching up skincare routine and the first thing you should change is your cleanser – pick a soap-free formula so that the normal pH barrier of skin is not disturbed and the skin retains it suppleness.

2. Using Too Many Alcohol-Based Products: Alcohol in your skin care products is your worst enemy. It will dry out the skin completely, especially in winters. Always check the list of ingredients in the products and avoid ingredients like ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, ethanol and propanol that are extremely drying in nature.

3. Forgetting to Moisturize: Irrespective of whether your skin is dry or not, never forget to moisturize your skin. When the skin gets excessively dry, acne and other skincare woes would show up. Even if you are not doing elaborate skincare routine, you should always remember to moisturize skin, every single time. For oily skin, we have put together a list of “50 Best Moisturisers for Oily Acne Prone Skin.”

4. Not Applying Moisturizer on Damp Skin: Experts say the best time to moisturize skin is when it is still damp because this practice helps to lock in hydration and keeps skin supple for longer.

5. Taking Hot and Long Showers: Hot showers rip natural oils from your skin which obviously dries out your skin even more. We all love taking long showers in the winters with hot water, but using scalding hot water can be extremely drying. If you absolutely have to use hot showers then at least do not spend too much time under it. Apply a layer of coconut oil or castor oil before entering the shower to relax and soothe your skin.

6. Exfoliating Skin on a Daily Basis: Over-exfoliating is only going to irritate your skin more. Exfoliate only once or twice a week. Try to use natural ingredients like honey and oatmeal to scrub your skin. Honey instantly gives immense moisturization and oatmeal scrubs away dead skin cells. Check out “10 Homemade Oatmeal Face Packs” this winters.

7. Avoiding Facial Oils: Sometimes applying all the moisturizers in the world still doesn’t help in winters and that’s why facial oils should become a part of regular skincare routine. While rosehip oil, coconut oil, almond oil are popular choices, for oily skin type – here are “8 Facial Oils For Glowing Skin That Do Not Clog Pores.”

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