Acer Predator CG7, AKA The CG437K Pbmiiippuzx

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Funny, I Don’t Remember The Predator Saying That?

Mind you Alien vs Predator at 4K, with a 144Hz refresh rate and HDR 1000 would look pretty good wouldn’t it? That is what you could do on the Acer Predator CG7 43″ display, if you could convince that old game to run properly.  This is one of their flagship models and sports some special features, such as a light sensor which will adjust the brightness to match the room lighting as well as a proximity sensor to automatically wake it up when you approach.

This LED back lit VA panel is rated with a 1ms response rate, which is great when paired with the G-SYNC ULTIMATE powered 144Hz refresh rate.  The display offers a nice selection of inputs, including three HDMI ports, two DisplayPort, a single USB 3.0 upstream port as well as four downstream ports, two USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0.

Perhaps the most impressive thing that Tweaktown found was that the display is occasionally on sale for $999.


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