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Black Friday is the perfect time to be on the lookout for some awesome smart home deals, and there are going to be plenty on the top smart speakers. These devices make excellent gifts for someone else or a nice treat for yourself. Adding these to your home, whether to expand your growing smart home setup or because you’ve always wanted a voice-controlled speaker, Amazon’s fantastic sale on its Echo Show lineup is the time to buy.

Echo Show speakers are some of the best Alexa speakers you can get thanks to the very helpful display on the front. When you have a smart speaker with a display, it adds a lot more context and visual information to the queries you ask Alexa. Not only that, but the screen also works as a clock, displays the weather and even upcoming calendar appointments if you want it to.

Amazon Echo Show 8Source: Amazon

Our review of the Amazon Echo Show 8 2nd gen found that of all the options from Amazon that the 8-inch screen was nearly perfect for most situations. While this deal is for the first-generation device, all of the functionality is the same. That means it’s not so big that it requires a lot of space on the tabletop and is still large enough to read the info on the display easily. This makes following a recipe, video calls, or watching a video an overall more enjoyable experience.

This is the perfect time to get one of Amazon’s Echo Show smart speakers

Amazon Echo Show 8

Amazon Echo Show 8 (1st gen)

This is the perfect Echo Show for most occasions thanks to its “just right” display size and excellent sounding speaker.

Amazon Echo Show 5 2nd Gen Render

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd gen)

The Echo Show 5 is an excellent bedside display that will offer all the functionality you expect, but with a screen that won’t keep you up at night.

Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids Front

Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd gen) Kids

All the capabilities of the regular Echo Show 5, but with a fun design and the excellent Amazon Kids+ content — parental controls too.

Suppose you want a smaller display for an office desk or bedside table, the second-generation Amazon Echo Show 5. The smaller footprint makes this an excellent addition to your nightstand, and with that more diminutive stature, you also have a screen that will be less likely to keep you awake at night. The Echo Show 5 offers all of the same features as the bigger devices in the Echo Show lineup but in a smaller package.

Perhaps you want a fun, smart speaker for a child, then the Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd gen) Kids will do wonderfully. Just as feature-rich as the standard Echo Show 5, but with a fun chameleon design and the fantastic Amazon Kids+ software in tow. This means that Alexa will tailor responses for a child, and there will be age-appropriate content for your child to interact with. You still get all of the control, thanks to the parental dashboard. From reading audiobooks to helping your child read with Amazon’s Reading Sidekick, your child will surely love this speaker.

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