AI music timing, speech-to-text, and notch support in Premiere Pro update

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Adobe’s software receives regular updates. Most of the February updates to the Creative Cloud software suite were focused on minor improvements and bug fixes, but Premiere Pro has gained some useful new features and improvements for video editors, including notch support on the new MacBook Pros.

Adobe After Effects, Lightroom Classic, Audition, Media Encoder, and other apps in the Adobe suite recently received their February updates, but the biggest updates – by far – came to Premiere Pro.

The main lineup of apps was updated to version 22.2, and alongside the usual bug fixes and performance improvements, Premiere Pro got a few sweet new features to help make editing faster and easier.

On-device speech to text

Speech to text has been a useful feature from the moment it was added to Premiere. In thirteen different languages, Premiere can generate text from speech in order to quickly create accurate captions. The process is much simpler than manually transcribing and allows additional manual control over how the captions are implemented into the final video through the Essential Graphics panel.

With the latest update to 22.2, speech to text is now up to three times faster, thanks to working directly on-device and without an internet connection. The transcription is powered by Adobe Sensei, the company’s machine learning solution. In this update, Premiere also got another Sensei-powered feature: Remix.

Remix in Premiere Pro

According to Adobe, Remix “intelligently retimes songs so that music matches your videos.” Rather than having to put in the work manually cutting and fading music, Remix does the work, saving editors a significant amount of time. Remix previously existed in Adobe Audition, the company’s dedicated audio editing solution, but now it has been implemented directly into Premiere.

After Remix “analyzes the patterns and dynamics in songs to create new arrangements,” you can customize the mix with different customization sliders.

While many editors will still prefer to put in the work to manually get the music exactly how they want, Remix could help save a great deal of time, particularly with long works where only general background music is needed.

MacBook Pro notch support

In addition to these great new features, Premiere Pro now adjusts UI elements around the notch on the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The notch introduced a few unique bugs with its arrival that were quickly addressed, and while Apple made it possible for developers to take advantage of the notch space it has taken some time for many developers to adjust. It’s great to see these programs being updated with improved support for a better user experience.

Additional improvements

Adobe has made even more improvements with the update, including:

  • 10-bit 4:2:0 HDR HEVC H/W encoding on Window with Intel and NVIDIA graphics up to 10X faster
  • More GPU-accelerated effects; including Linear Wipe and Block Dissolve
  • Format Support; Footage from EOS R5 C now supported

There are also some features currently being worked on in the Beta, including an improved Auto-Tone button for Lumetri color that will eventually take the place of the existing Auto button and more import options.

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