Alienware reveals Concept Polaris eGPU at CES 2022

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Alienware Concept Polaris eGPU at CES 2022
Source: Alienware

Alienware launched the Alienware Graphics Amplifier back in 2014, and it discontinued it back in 2021. The company received a lot of praises for its eGPU performance and efficiency, and Alienware just announced a brand new concept at CES 2022. The new Alienware Concept Polaris is a new eGPU that provides enhanced graphics performance and a unique external look.

Alienware Concept Polaris eGPU at CES 2022
Source: Alienware

Alienware took all of its findings from the Graphics Amplifier and put it in the new Concept Polaris eGPU. The new eGPU was designed for new and existing Alienware customers in mind, and its key features include improved mobile gaming solutions and desktop-level graphics. The new Concept Polaris can technically connect to all laptops via Thunderbolt 4, while the last generation required a proprietary port to connect only Alienware laptops.

The Alienware Concept Polaris can fit a full-size 16-inch desktop graphics card, just like the NVIDIA RTX 3090, and it is liquid-cooled with the 240mm Cryo-Tech cooling solution. When the eGPU is connected with an Alienware laptop, the user can change the Polaris LEDs and the power levels and even temperature on the laptop.

Accessibility is also important, and Concept Polaris supports both Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 4 connections, and it has USB 4, which allows for higher rate data transfers and bandwidth. There’s also a USB-C port and a 2.5GB Ethernet port to further expand the connected devices’ connectivity. Unlike the last generation of Alienware eGPU, Concept Polaris doesn’t try to fit the power supply within the chassis, instead, it has two plugs that allow for external power supplies to be connected. There are two models, one can carry power through two 330W AC adapters, while the other variant can utilize two 425W AC adapters.

While Alienware’s Concept Polaris is just that, a concept, we expect to see new eGPUs from the gaming-focused company in the near future that focuses on raw power and additional functionality that it can add to existing and new Alienware gaming laptops.

What is an eGPU?

eGPUs (external Graphics Processing Unit) can provide additional power and performance to laptops, especially those that don’t have dedicated graphics, or a powerful GPU. eGPUs can be connected via Thunderbolt cables, and they can feature desktop graphics cards that can be used by portable laptops to provide desktop-class performance. It’s a great tool to increase performance, that is, if you can get your hands on GPUs, which seems impossible nowadays.

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