Alienware’s Concept Nyx lets you cast PC games to any screen

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Concept Nyx
Source: Alienware

Alienware has announced a new concept product that brings the benefits of cloud gaming, i.e., streaming games from anywhere, any time, to any device, and adds them to the local gaming server. Concept Nyx is the new product from Alienware that aims to solve one of the problems that gamers face: simultaneously allowing players in a household to easily access their full game library and play on any device.

Imagine you’re playing a game on your PC in your bedroom, but you want to move over to the living room and play it on a big TV. Concept Nyx aims to solve this problem. With a tap of a button, Concept Nyx would allow gamers to switch displays wirelessly letting you play on any screen at any time within the devices connected to your Wi-Fi.

Dell Alienware Concept Nyx
Source: Alienware

Concept Nyx works on the idea of processing games on a single powerful device that is shared across the local network. The same can be done using Google Stadia and other cloud gaming services as well. However, since processing happens locally, this implementation could offer lower latency, greater bandwidth, and more responsiveness.

Alienware is looking to stream four games simultaneously. Concept Nyx would use a central library of all your games regardless of where you purchase them. But, it’s only a concept right now. It’s unclear when Alienware will release a public version of the Concept Nyx, whether it will release its own hardware for it, or what might be the cost of the service. There are a lot of questions Alienware hasn’t answered right now, but the company ensures it will share more information as the development happens.

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