Amazon Prime Video app is now available on Mac

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Amazon Prime Video for MacOS


Amazon is continuously working on its video platform, and it keeps adding new features and new TV shows and movies to the streaming service. Amazon Prime video has only been available on the web until now, and it has finally arrived to macOS. The new application allows users to use picture-in-picture, make purchases, and more.

Amazon Prime Video has an extensive library of movies and tv shows, and there are also award-winning Amazon-made content on the streaming platform. The service was previously only available on the web, which lacked features such as picture-in-picture, although there are several built-in features and extensions that make these possible.

With the new Amazon Prime Video app for Mac, uses can now make in-app purchases and rent out movies and TV shows. Instead of using the browser to do your purchases, you can now easily manage it all within the app. That’s not all, if you don’t have a card associated with your account, you can now also use Apple’s in-app purchase system to rent and buy content, alternatively, you can use the default Amazon payment method.

Amazon Prime Video will support Amazon’s live sports events, including Thursday Night Football, tennis events that usually happen during summer, and the platform will also sync with your account. The service will sync with smartphones, tablets, PC, and other devices, letting users continue watching where they left off.

If you want to download the Amazon Prime Video app, you can go to the Mac App Store and download it for free. The application seems to be built on Apple’s Catalys platform, and its support on both Intel and Apple Silicon Mac computers running macOS Big Sur or later. It’s unclear if Disney or Netflix will make their own native apps for macOS anytime soon, but we may see them being added sooner or later.

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