Amazon puts another two great Fitbit devices on sale for Black Friday

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Amazon puts another two great Fitbit devices on sale for Black Friday

Instead of seeing all of Fitbit’s popular wearable devices discounted at the exact same time this holiday shopping season, Amazon appears to be adopting a staggered Black Friday 2021 strategy of sorts.

Hot on the heels of killer Fitbit Sense and Versa 2 deals launched over the last couple of weeks, the stylish Luxe and kid-friendly Ace 3 are today getting bigger than ever discounts in multiple variants. 

We’re talking eye-catching Lunar White/Soft Gold, Black/Graphite, and Orchid/Platinum color combos as far as the former feature-packed activity tracker is concerned, all of which are on sale for 50 bucks less than usual, and playful blue astro green, black/racer red, and yellow hues for the Ace 3, each available at a cool $30 markdown.

Since the Fitbit Luxe and Ace 3 would typically set you back $150 and $80 respectively, those price cuts equate to a massive 33 and 38 percent, surpassing everything that Amazon has offered in the past for these two devices.

That makes us very confident in recommending what’s likely to remain high on our list of the top Fitbit Black Friday deals throughout the holiday season. Of course, you should only hurry and buy these products right now if you’re absolutely certain they fit your specific needs and preferences, with costlier and more advanced devices like the Charge 5 or Versa 3 still fetching their regular prices ahead of similar discounts of their own (or so we hope).
The early 2021-released Fitbit Luxe, for instance, is perfect for fashionistas who’d like to keep a casual eye on their general health with basic tools like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and stress levels while having no problem making do without more advanced stuff like ECG, skin temperature, and even untethered GPS tracking.

Unveiled just one month before the super-slim yet robust and very elegant Luxe, the Fitbit Ace 3 is undeniably bulkier, chunkier, and ultimately, uglier, drawing the attention of young children with bright colors and optional Minions engravings while featuring (even more) basic activity tracking tools, absolutely amazing battery life, and top-notch water resistance.

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