Amazon’s amazing Black Friday Fire tablet deals have arrived

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Amazon's amazing Black Friday Fire tablet deals have arrived

It didn’t take a rocket scientist to anticipate this year’s top Amazon Fire Black Friday offers would be as spectacular as always, and lo and behold, the e-commerce giant has viciously slashed the prices of all of its latest ultra-affordable Android-based tablets well ahead of Thanksgiving.

While a number of these killer new deals have been available before, either on Prime Day or Alexa’s recent birthday, several all-time records are also beaten today as far as outright discounts (with no Prime subscription or any other special requirements) are concerned.
The 2021-released Fire HD 10 (11th generation), for instance, easily qualifies as one of the best Black Friday tablet promotions up for grabs right now at an unprecedented $75 discount in 32 and 64GB storage variants with or without lockscreen ads.
That equates to no less than 50 percent shaved off the $149.99 MSRP of the cheapest new Fire HD 10 model, eclipsing the comparatively modest $50 price cut offered a bunch of times by Amazon in the last few months.

The same goes for the humble-sounding $15 Fire 7 (2019) discount that does however bring the always dirt-cheap low to mid-end slate down to a lower than ever price. 2020’s Fire HD 8 and 8 Plus, meanwhile, are once again on sale at the exact same prices as just a couple of weeks ago, beating the Prime Day 2021 promos from all the way back in June.

Last but not least, this year’s Fire HD 10 Plus powerhouse (by budget-friendly Amazon standards) can be had at a deeper price cut than ever in both 32 and 64GB configurations, catering to cash-strapped multitaskers who might be afraid they can’t get much done with only 3 gigs of memory on deck.

Parents shouldn’t overlook the children-centric Fire 7, HD 8, and Fire HD 10 editions either (including their Pro-branded sub-editions), all of these being on sale at hefty discounts ranging from $40 to as much as $80 as well, which happens to match the greatest deals previously available from Amazon essentially across the board.

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