Android TV remote arrives in the Google Home app, with a few limitations

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Google Pixel 4aSource: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

It hasn’t been long since Google brought the remote function to the Google TV app. We heard that the company was working on bringing the feature to Google Home, and that day has finally come, thanks to the latest Google Home app update.

9to5Google spotted the feature, which arrives as part of Google Home version 2.46. It should theoretically make it more accessible to control any of the best Android TVs from the app used to control other smart home devices.

The remote is relatively simple and includes a large touchpad, home button, and Google Assistant button. However, the option to switch to a directional pad is noticeably missing, which is a bummer since it could help navigate certain scenarios. Additionally, it seems there are no volume or mute buttons.

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Curiously, Google wouldn’t bring these over to the Google Home app as well, even though they’re present on the Google TV version of the remote.

The remote isn’t as prominently featured in Google Home and appears to be only accessible from the small “Open remote” button at the bottom of the screen when navigating to your device page.

This is in contrast to the large floating button that Google uses for the remote in the Google TV app. Hopefully, Google will make the remote easier to access in a future update. Otherwise, you’d probably be better off using the Google TV app remote to control your Android TV/Google TV or Chromecast with Google TV.

The new update for Google Home should be rolling out to users now (it doesn’t appear to be live on our devices yet), so you’ll be able to try it out yourselves.

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