Anker B600 Video Bar: Hands-on with the new webcam

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After launching its first webcam last year, Anker was back to kick off 2022 with the debut of its latest, and even more capable, workstation upgrade. The new Anker B600 Video Bar arrives with a 2K webcam sensor on top of an integrated LED light bar and more. But does all of that stack up to a worthwhile Mac upgrade? Our latest Tested with 9to5Toys review takes a closer look.

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Hands-on with Anker’s new B600 Video Bar

Anker’s latest workstation upgrade, the B600 Video Bar, was first unveiled back at CES 2022 and is now available for purchase. The B600 offers an entirely refreshed package centered around a 2K webcam sensor, an improved array of four built-in microphones, and a series of speakers.

Though, the most meaningful way that Anker intends to improve your Zoom call game is with the integrated light bar, which sits atop the B600 Video Bar. The light modules folds down when not in use for added privacy and can dish out adjustable lighting temperatures to help illuminate your setup.

Here’s a quick look at the specs:

  • Declutter your workspace area by merging your camera, speaker, microphone, and light into one AI-powered camera for your computer monitor, and put the extra space to good use.
  • Integrated with VoiceRadar️, the 4-mic array on this video conference camera will make sure your colleagues hear everything you have to say instead of the background noise. 
  • Truly hear what your colleagues are saying and how they’re saying it through high-definition and low-distortion dual speakers made with a specialized silk membrane. 
  • Replace your current video equipment with AnkerWork B600, a video conference camera with built-in, professional quality, 2K resolution to show off true-to-life colors.

9to5Toys’ Take

After primarily relying on Anker’s very first webcam for the past year, I was particularly interested in seeing how the brand’s new flagship offering stacks up. Anker sent over the B600 Video Bar back on launch day, and I’ve been testing it out since, with some pretty impressive results. Right off the bat, I was shocked by the size of the new B600 Video Bar. On its own, the device isn’t all too unwieldy, though going from Anker’s previous webcam is quite a step up in the size department.

All of that extra footprint isn’t for nothing, as Anker is delivering a much more capable solution than we’ve seen previously. Earning the Video Bar its name, Anker packs a 2K sensor into the fabric-coated speaker that is the B600. Not to mention there’s an integrated LED light for illuminating your setup, which earns it the $219.99 price tag.

Upgrading to a 2K sensor brings with it a lot of expected visual improvements, and I have to say that I am pretty happy with the final results. Compared to an M1 iMac’s 1080p FaceTime camera, the image produced from the Anker B600 Video Bar produces a much cleaner product that isn’t as processed as that of Apple’s algorithm-heavy picture.

Anker vs M1 iMac

I don’t want to necessarily say one is better than the other, but Anker’s is much more accurate to the actual lighting and look of my space, while Apple takes some liberties. All of that is to say that if you’re rocking an older machine, your webcam game will be notably upgraded with Anker’s latest.

As far microphones go, the the B600 Video Bar definitely has more of a speakerphone focus that is apparent in how the recorded audio comes across. It certainly isn’t bad, just think more of a wider pickup range than a condenser microphone placed right up in front of your face. The integrated speakers continue this conference call trend, which sound quite crisp for hearing the voices of anyone you’re chatting with. These likely won’t replace your machine’s built-in speakers, but the way Anker has tuned the audio goes the extra distance in making things feel more natural.

After a few weeks of use, I am pretty happy with how the B600 Video Bar has been performing. I’ve been doing a lot of Twitch streaming lately, and this product has proved to be quite the useful package to kickstart my setup. Having everything in a single unit means that I don’t have to worry about fumbling over different apps to control lights and the camera. Though I will say that the larger build isn’t going to be for everyone. It happens to work quite well with my M1 iMac and a secondary monitor. But if what is effectively a Bluetooth speaker seems too cumbersome, the C300 we reviewed last year is certainly worth a look.

Otherwise, I can certainly recommend the B600 Video Bar, whether you’re hoping Anker’s latest will upgrade your Zoom game or you have plans to start streaming on Twitch. It has easily earned a spot in my setup going forward, more than justifying the $220 price tag in my book.

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