Anker Soundcore Black Friday sales on earbuds, headphones, more

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Check out these Anker Soundcore Black Friday deals

Anker’s audio sub-brand Soundcore has by now become a well-known name in the audio wearables market, and any audiophile will be at least somewhat familiar with its range of earbuds and headphones. It caters mainly to shoppers on a budget, although it does offer higher-priced mid-tier products as well.

And we’re here to tell you that Soundcore has just kickstarted their entry into the Black Friday sales week with a set of rarely seen discounts on their already-affordable products. This time of year is more or less nirvana for any tech enthusiast, and Soundcore is significantly adding to the excitement with their new offers, available across a variety of retailers. 
Below we are keeping a real-time list of all the best offers as they show up on retailers’ websites. Most of the deals are sub-$100 offers, so if you’re on the lookout to treat yourself (or a friend) with an extremely low-priced audio accessory, whether it’s wireless headphones or earbuds, this is the place. Honestly, where else can you find true wireless earbuds for $19?
Some of Soundcore’s most popular products, as you can see below, are their wireless earbuds. However, the brand does produce other extremely useful audio gadgets as well, such as sweet wireless handheld speakers, and even the odd boombox. 

The offers below already include one full-fledged Bluetooth Boombox on sale for just $100, complete with IPX7 waterproofing and dustproofing—all ready for the beach (or pool) next summer. As one reviewer said, “it has lights and it floats”: what more could you ask for? (The 18-month manufacturer’s warranty covers for any potential defects on all products.)

We are updating this list of live best offers on Soundcore products daily, and it’s likely new items will pop up every day during this frenzied week of Black Friday sales all over the place. So if these kinds of wallet-friendly deals tickle your fancy, keep coming back to check for any new offers!

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