Apple is now the biggest smartphone brand in China (again)

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Apple is now the biggest smartphone brand in China

It seems that Apple has finally conquered China (again). According to new research by Counterpoint, the Cupertino brand saw the highest growth of all smartphone brands on the Chinese market, scoring 46% month-over-month growth. Apple surpassed Vivo in October 2021 to become the largest smartphone OEM in the country.“Apple could have gained more if it were not for the shortages, especially for the Pro versions,” commented research director Tarun Pathak. “But still, Apple is managing its supply chain better than other OEMs.”

The iPhone 13 series is the major culprit behind the growth, as iPhone 13 sales grew 46%, while the entire Chinese smartphone market saw only a minor 2% month-to-month increase in October 2021.

Of course, looking at the graph it’s clear to see that Huawei has lost its dominance in China since the US trade ban, and that’s another reason for Apple’s rise in the country. Apple is retaking the number 1 place in China for the first time since December 2015.“Due to supply issues, the normal wait time for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max ranges between four and five weeks in China. Some Chinese customers choose to pay premiums to get the new phones delivered immediately. Overall, the China market has been slow throughout the year and Apple’s growth is a positive sign. It indicates that Chinese smartphone users are maturing fast and are looking to buy more high-end devices, which can be a good opportunity for brands. The supply chain is also prioritizing higher-end and higher-margin devices amid the shortages,” said Counterpoint analyst Varun Mishra.

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