Apple is reportedly working on AirPower like charger and long-range wireless charging

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Apple AirPower charging
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According to a new report, Apple may be working on an AirPower-like wireless charger and other long and short-range wireless technologies. Apple announced the AirPower wireless charger back in 2017 alongside the iPhone 8 Series and the brand new iPhone X, but as we now all know, the AirPower saw the light of day due to heating problems.

We’ve heard a number of rumors that Apple may be working on fixing issues, and we even seen leaks that AirPower was back in production, but those rumors all turned out to be false. According to new information by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple may be working on the next generation of an AirPower-like product.

In the latest edition of the Power On newsletter (via MacRumors), Mark Gurman talks about earlier reports that Apple is indeed still working on an AirPower-like wireless charging mat that can charge multiple devices simultaneously, such as iPhone, AirPods, and even the Apple Watch.

It’s not clear if Apple has ever managed to solve the overheating problem of the AirPower, which impacted the performance and it was rather dangerous, according to earlier reports. Now according to Gurman, Apple is exploring new ways to wirelessly charge devices, including “short and long-distance wireless charging” technologies that wouldn’t require devices to be placed on a charging pad. We’ve seen such technologies already from the likes of Motorola, although the technology is far from finished to be used by the public.

We also know that Apple is keen on removing the charging port on the iPhones, but it’s not yet clear when such technologies will be ready to be used by tens, hundreds of millions of people.

There are also rumors of Apple finally supporting reverse wireless charging on its devices, and Gurman adds, “Imagine an iPad charging an ‌iPhone‌ and then that ‌iPhone‌ charging AirPods or an Apple Watch.” It would be great to see Apple supporting such technology since it has a good use-case scenario for many customers, and it would be beneficial for most.

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