At-home Xiaomi repairs could be on the way

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  • An official tweet hints at an at-home Xiaomi repairs service.
  • The tweet isn’t totally clear, but it seems to emphasize direct-to-customer services.
  • If this pans out, it would be the first Android smartphone OEM to directly follow Apple’s lead.

Now, it appears an at-home Xiaomi repairs service could be in the works. The official Xiaomi India Twitter account posted this tweet (mirrored below) that seems to hint at just such a service.

Obviously, the announcement doesn’t explicitly say anything about at-home Xiaomi repairs. However, the emphasis on “you” and the “services simplified” portion of the image strongly allude to such a program. Also, Xiaomi has a long history of looking to Apple for inspiration, so it would be make sense for Xiaomi to follow in Apple’s footsteps here.

Keep in mind that this comes from the Indian Xiaomi account. Therefore, it’s reasonable to assume this would start in the Indian market, at least at first.

If this does end up happening, Xiaomi would possibly be the first Android OEM to roll out its own program in response to Apple. Here’s hoping that more companies follow suit, as the ability for individuals to make simple repairs to their phones is useful, necessary, and overall the right thing to do.

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