At this price for a smart bulb you can afford to wait for stock to arrive

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Cyber Monday is already in full swing and you may be looking for smart home products to add to your growing collection. Thankfully, the best Cyber Monday smart home deals feature all sorts of products like cameras, doorbells, hubs, and even lightbulbs. The latter is arguably the simplest way you can add smart home tech to your living space, and it’s definitely the most subtle. Unless someone knew exactly what to look for, that’d be none the wiser. And you can currently get a fantastic Energizer LED smart bulb for just $7… if you’re willing to wait for shipping.

B&H currently has the Energizer A19 LED smart bulb available for purchase, but shipping is expected in two to four weeks. That said, $7 is a hard price to beat, even if it’s just one bulb. Comparable bulbs generally cost a little over $10 depending on the brand, and Energizer is a name you can certainly trust.

Energizer A19 Smart Bulb Render

Energizer A19 LED Smart Bulb

This Energizer smart bulb features a 2700K color temperature, Wi-Fi connectivity, and customized scheduling via the app compatible with Android and iOS. Control if from anywhere in your house and feel better knowing that you’re saving electricity (and the environment) while you do it. Smart bulbs can really lighten up a room.

$7 at B&H

While it may not be as flashy as some other bulbs — this one can’t change color, for instance — it’s nonetheless a great smart bulb that would fit perfectly in anyone’s home. The warm light mimics a more welcoming, natural setting, and it’s dimmable through the Energizer app. It can even work with Alexa and Google Assistant with voice activation.

And while you’re out shopping for smart home products, consider picking up some smart plugs as well. You’ll be able to control most devices plugged into them remotely with Google Assistant or Alexa, too.

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