Auto experts use Apple patents to create interactive 3D model of what the Apple Car might look like

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The car experts over at Vanarama have created an impressive interactive 3D model of what they think the Apple Car could look like based on official Apple patents. The concept shows both the external design as well as the interior of the car. The model explains design decisions using helpful notes that detail the relevant Apple patent. It might be the best look at some of the ideas Apple could incorporate into its future car project.

Exterior & chassis

Vanarama’s model is fully 3D, letting you rotate the car 360º to see the front, sides, and back. The design appears to take some inspiration from the Cybertruck, albeit with rounder corners. The first thing you will probably notice is the pillarless design of the glass cover that includes the windows, sunroof, and windshields. This particular patent, US10384519B1, shows that Apple has invented a way to build a car without the need for the chassis to extend up past the doors, dividing up different panels of glass.

The exterior of the car also uses adaptive doors from patent US10384519B1. Vanarama has taken the liberty here to add some additional Apple flare, like a Mac Pro-style mesh grille on the front, a soft white chassis, and retractable door handles.

Interior & software

On the inside, Vanarama has modeled a large continuous touch display that extends across the entire dashboard. Patent US20200214148A1 would allow Apple to integrate a seamless ultra-wide display. Vanarama has taken this continuous dashboard design and mocked up some Apple software for a Car. It uses several patents to imagine a fully customizable dashboard of controls and information, as well as a version of Siri that acts as an intelligent driving assistant.

If you look closely, you can see some slick temperature controls, a launcher for opening apps similar to CarPlay, Siri’s waveform, now playing controls, and more. It appears that they’ve even integrated a display into the center of the steering wheel, which, as you can see, isn’t a circle.

What we think

Of course, since this concept simply uses Apple patents and not actual rumored designs, this is purely speculative. Apple’s early patents rarely reveal what a product is actually going to look like when it eventually hits the market. But, this is arguably the first truly realistic concept for the Apple Car that we’ve seen yet. It’s fairly reasonable and doesn’t think too big. Its design is on-trend and appropriate for the target audience.

There are two things here that I think stand out as highly unlikely in an Apple Car. The first is Apple logos are everywhere in this concept. I think, knowing Apple, that the logo placement would be very minimal. The car’s design will be distinct enough that anyone should instantly recognize it without even seeing the logo. I’d wager there will only be one on the front and on the back. Secondly, I doubt the steering wheel will not be a perfect circle. Apple likes harmonious symmetrical designs, and the one depicted in this concept just doesn’t sit right with me.

What do you think about Vanarama’s Apple Car concept? Make sure to check it out and let us know in the comments below!

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