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Best forex VPS Hosting Providers: If we expand Forex, it will become Foreign Exchange and can also be called currency trading. Did you know $ 6 to $ 7 trillion trades are going daily? And Forex VPS allows you to trade on your preferred platform seamlessly.

Firstly thank you for visiting GoogieHost, the most prominent platform for hosting information. In this article, we are going to talk about the Best Forex Hosting Providers.

Finding the Best VPS hosting for forex trading is like finding a needle from the bunch of chaff 🌽. I know you struggle to find the right web hosting provider for your foreign exchange trading hosting. 

It is so frustrating when you get poor latency, dropping Internet and power outages, even minute hardware failures, and device errors can make you lose a lot in trading.

So, all the Forex hosting providers I am mentioning below offer guaranteed 100% server uptime, and you get the fastest possible connectivity to the IC Markets trading servers.

Without wasting any time, let’s get into the topic.

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What is Forex VPS hosting?

Forex VPS hosting is nothing so different from regular VPS hosting. The only difference is that you get legitimate 100% server uptime, and the servers are pretty powerful to offer you a Seamless Trade Experience.

A Forex VPS server allows foreign exchange traders. 

Forex VPS allows traders to install their EA software on a dedicated server that operates 24/7 without interruptions and is separate from the trader’s computer.

The main problems solved for traders by VPS hosting are latency, Internet and power outages, hardware failures, and device errors.

What is Forex VPS hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) allows traders to run automated trading strategies 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the fastest possible connectivity to the IC Markets trading servers.

In order of importance: A Forex VPS hosting ensures your MT4 trading platform stays online at all times. It reduces the risk of loss in foreign exchange trading because of market slippages, power outages, or internet disconnections. Thus, you need to look for a forex VPS provider that guarantees 100% uptime.

Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers For Better Forex Trading 

Now let us look at the web hosting providers that offer legitimate 100% server uptime and take your forex VPS hosting to another level. 

I will be featuring the five best forex hosting providers and will tell you about their hosting plans, features and a general introduction about them.

#1. Kamatera 

The web hosting provider is famous for its custom VPS hosting plans, and this forex Hosting provider offers you a legitimate server uptime of 100%.

Kamatera Forex VPS Hosting

Did you know Kamatera is one of the most reliable forex hosting providers? Which can be your best bet to grow.

Plans and Pricing

I don’t know what to tell them about their VPS hosting plans. They offer you custom VPS hosting plans. You can quickly load balancers, private networks, features, bulletproof firewalls and many more. 

Kamatera allows you to install multiple operating systems, such as Linux and Windows. Kamatera utilises the Latest Intel Xeon Gold processors to offer you 300x more power.

Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers- Experience Seamless Trade

Below I will mention some Forex Hosting Plans to help you decide which plan is best for you.

Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers- Experience Seamless Trade


  • Multiple Operating System Support
  • Geolocation Infrastructure
  • 99.95% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Instant Scaling
  • The low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Simple backup and monitoring
  • Server set-up in minutes

Why Choose Kamatera

Kamatera is a famous and prominent VPS hosting provider; it deals in enterprise-grade hosting solutions and a hybrid approach.

The most popular Forex Hosting Plan is “Standard”, although “Pro: offers better performance and trading results, significantly heavier traders.

And their service allows complete flexibility. You will be able to scale up/down anytime and quickly if needed.

Click on the button below to get started with Kamatera Forex VPS hosting(Kamatera Forex Cloud Hosting is also a good option)

#2. Vultr

One of the most famous yet independent clouds hosting providers is offering the best cloud hosting solutions. With Vultr, you get a fast high frequency to compute answers.

Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers- Experience Seamless Trade

Vultr with impressive geekbench scores and utilises the fastest NVMe SSD drives. The CPU’s are also good at offering an industry-leading hosting experience of 3 GHz+ CPU’s. With Vultr, you will get a legitimate trading hosting experience with guaranteed server uptime.

Plans and Pricing

Vultr offers fast NVMe SSD drives, which allow your trading hosting to give you a seamless experience.

Vultr offers you multiple hosting plans. Select the plan which suits you the most and get started today, and did you know Vultr offers you something exciting that is you can pay on an hourly basis.

Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers- Experience Seamless Trade


  • 19 Server Locations
  • Infinite OS combinations
  • Fast NVMe Drives  
  • Up to 48 Gigs Of RAM
  • Monthly & Hourly Prices are also available.

Why Choose Vultr?

Do you need fast forex hosting? Do you need secure forex hosting? Do you need low latency hosting? Vultr got the right solution for every problem. You can rely on this web hosting provider because they strive to offer every user the best web hosting services. Although they somehow lack in providing cheap VPS hosting

#3. ForexVPS

#1 Forex VPS hosting provider with guaranteed 1MS latency, 100% server uptime, instant setup, lightning-fast SSD drives,  expert support service, and simple setup of your VPS server will hardly take 5 mins.

Then you are good to go. 

ForexVPS Forex VPS Hosting provider

The company also offers a seven day money-back guarantee, which is a good thing, like if you don’t get satisfied with their forex hosting service, then you can switch to another mentioned best forex hosting provider. 

Let us take a look at their web hosting plans followed by features and why they chose forex VPS. 

Plans and Pricing

ForexVPS offers you four robust trading hosting plans; ForexVPS offers you high-frequency hosting servers, which are active round the clock and did you know ForexVPS is one of the most trustable Forex VPS hosting providers.

You can select the plan of your choice and get started today, just click on the button to jump on their website and start your forex VPS hosting.

ForexVPS Forex VPS Hosting provider


  • Latest Operating System Support
  • Multiple Data centre locations
  • 5 Mins Server Setup
  • Insane Latency Times
  • Tier-1 Bandwidth

Why Choose ForexVPS

Firstly FOREX VPS is a trustable forex VPS hosting provider which offers the best latency, and their servers are live round the clock.

They can be your best bet to grow your trading business, and their forex VPS hosting plan is also quite affordable. The lowest starting plan will cost you a minimal amount of $29. –

#4. VPSServer 

Are you struggling to find a free VPS hosting provider, don’t worry; I got the right solution for you. VPS server offers you the fastest NVMe VPS hosting, which will boost your trading account.

Also, I would like to recommend your VPS server because they provide the best i/O performance. 

VPSServer best forex VPS Hosting

You can use their accessible hosting trails, and after that, only you must decide they are the right choice for you not.

Plans and Pricing

All of their Forex VPS hosting plans are highly optimised and dedicated to offering you a fast trading experience.

Their CPU’s offer hardcore performance and the lowest starting plan will cost you a minimal amount of $2.99.

VPSServer Plans and Pricing


  • NVMe Drives
  • Highly Optimised CPU’s
  • 15+ Server Locations
  • Free Trial is also available
  • Cloud Sevrer Features
  • Affordable VPS Hosting Plans
  • Guranteed Sevrer Performance

Why Choose VPSserver?

VPS server is a fast and prominent web hosting provider which deals in VPS; dedicated click cloud hosting can be your right choice for forex VPS hosting as they are offering a legitimate severe uptime with instant scaling features.

#5. Hostwinds

Do you need a hassle-free web forex VPS hosting provider, HostWinds is the right solution for you.

Hostwinds forex VPS hosting provider

You can go with Hostwinds because they offer you full server customization, and suppose if you run into a problem, the hosting provider will solve all of the issues in no time. They have self-owned servers, and this means they can fix the problem on their own.

Plans and Pricing

Hostwind offers fast, robust and secure Forex VPS hosting servers fully managed by their hosting experts. Scroll through their web hosting plan and get started today.  

Plans and Pricing


  • Powerful, Fast, and Secure Windows Servers
  • Server Monitoring
  • Enterprise Hardware
  • Redundant Network
  • Wide Selection of Linux Distributions
  • Instant Scalability

Why Choose Hostwinds?

They have ensured there is no single point of failure in their redundant network, and it will provide the stability that is ready for your mission-critical agenda.

Your Forex VPS is always available whenever you need it.

Why Are Forex Traders Using a VPS?

If you are a Forex trader, you must know that every downtime will cost you some thousand dollars.

So it is essential to go with VPS hosting, which offers you a fast and reliable hosting solution.

Why Are Forex Traders Using a VPS?

If you have VPS hosting, you can focus on your work rather than worrying about server uptime, server speed and other technicalities.

I know you are here and already searching for VPS for Forex. Well, forex VPS will solve your problems such as:

  • Server Downtime
  • High Latency
  • Dedicated IP
  • Sluggish Trading activity
  • Typical Security

If you opt for Forex VPS hosting, you will eliminate all of the problems mentioned above.

Factors in Choosing Best Forex VPS Service

There can be a ton of things that you must consider before selecting the best Forex VPS hosting.

  • Server Uptime 
  • Network Latency 
  • Full Root Access
  • Dedicated IP
  • Round The Clock Support
  • Latest Hardware 
  • A good Forex VPS hosting provider(Don’t get scammed)

So, above are some points which you must consider before selecting your web hosting provider.

Because all these points will make a web hosting provider the best forex VPS hosting provider.

FAQ’s | Forex VPS Hosting

What does VPS do in forex trading?

VPS hosting allows you to streamline your workflow; Forex VPS hosting offers a hassle-free hosting experience.

You won’t experience downtimes, sluggish trading records, high latency.

So, a VPS server will solve all your problems. Buy Forex VPS hosting from any of the web hosting providers and get started today.

Which VPS is best for Forex?

In my personal opinion, Cloud Forex VPS or regular forex VPS hosting can be your best bet to grow;

just select the web hosting provider which offers the best features and get started today.

Is Forex VPS good?

Yes, Forex VPS is good, you need to select your hosting provider which offers fast forex VPS Hosting, and you can get started with them anytime.

You just indeed to click on the link to jump directly to your Forex VPS hosting provider.

Why do I need VPS for Forex Trading?

If you want a hassle-free trading experience, then forex VPS is your most friendly bet.

Just note down your requirements and select the forex VPS hosting provider which I have mentioned above. Click on the button to get started.

Get Started with Best Forex VPS Hosting Providers

Now let me just wrap up the things, this article was about the best forex VPS hosting, and I mentioned the five best forex hosting providers which offer legitimate services.

You can get started with them; all of them are pretty famous for their VPS, Cloud hosting plans. Click on the button to jump on the web hosting provider’s page.

So, that’s all for now, thank you for visiting GoogieHost, catch you later with the next article very soon.

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