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Google Pixel 6 chargers
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The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the first Pixels to go above the basic 18W Power Delivery for wired charging, but there’s been some controversy over exactly how many watts it actually can pull down. You don’t need Google’s 30W charge, but here are the best Pixel 6 chargers that will also charge all the other gear in your life.

Anker Nano II 45w Charger

Compact and powerful:
Anker Nano II 45W Fast Charger

Staff pick

Anker’s 45W charger has everything your Pixel 6 needs except a cable. This 1.4-inch cube is a hefty little charger ready to fast charge your laptop, your tablet, or your Pixel 6, thanks to PPS support.

$40 at Amazon

Aukey Omnia Mix3 90w Three Port Charger

Charge more at once:
Aukey Omnia Mix3 90W 3-Port PD Charger

Want to fast-charge your Pixel 6 Pro and your laptop at the same time? Not a problem for the Omnia Mix3; when both USB-C ports are used, your laptop can charge up to 60W while your Pixel can pull down up to 30W.

$50 at Aukey

Samsung 25W USB-C Fast Charger

Galaxy-geared, Pixel perfect:
Samsung 25W Travel Adapter

While this charger is made by and signed for Samsung Galaxy phones, it’s also a great charger for the Pixel 6. Programmable power supply support and an included e-marked cable make this 25W bundle a steal.

Spigen Gan 45w Super Fast Charger

PPS for less:
Spigen (GaN Fast) 45W Super Fast Charger

Most budget chargers support Power Delivery but not Programmable Power Supply (PPS), but Spigen’s does, and it even comes with a matching cable to ensure that you get the highest speed your Pixel 6 can reach.

$27 at Amazon

Aukey Minima 20w Render Black

Perfect pocket charger:
Aukey Minima 20W

Once your Pixel 6 is over 50%, it only charges at 15-18W, so you don’t need to lug around a high-power charger all the time. The Aukey Minima is the best travel USB-C phone charger because the prongs fold, it’s a quarter-sized cube, and you can’t argue with this price.

$18 at Aukey

Elecjet 45 Superfast USB-C Charger

Nondescript reliability:
Elecjet 45-Watt USB-C Superfast Charger

Elecjet was one of the first charger manufacturers to add PPS to its chargers and power banks after the Samsung Note 10+, making Elecjet a safe choice for a Pixel 6 and laptop charger.

$33 at Amazon

UGREEN 100W USB-C Multiport Charger

Desktop hero:
UGREEN 100W USB C Multiport Charger

While wall plugs are nice and small, desktop charging stations are so much cleaner! You’ve got three USB-C ports here, and UGREEN has a chart for the power-sharing breakdowns, so there’s no guesswork involved!

$100 at Amazon

UGREEN 65W USB-C Wall Charger

Premium look:
UGREEN 65W USB C Wall Charger

Most wall chargers are basic and, dare I say, bland, but UGREEN’s attention to detail gives us a solid charger with a beautiful texture across the sides. The split here when both ports are used is 45W for laptop, 20W for your Pixel 6.

$28 at Amazon

Baseus 65w 3 Port Foldable Usb C Wall Charger Reco Png

Ready for the road:
Baseus 65W 3 Port Foldable USB C Wall Charger

Baseus’s three-port charger might not be as powerful as Aukey’s, but it still has the PPS support the Pixel 6 needs, and with the folding plugs being relatively small footprint, this charger’s suitable for home or travel.

$35 at Amazon

Google 30W USB-C Charger

Google’s own:
Google 30W USB-C Charger

If you just have to have everything be Google, from the case to the cables and chargers, the Google 30W charger will charge your Pixel 6 at top speed, even if that’s technically not 30W.

The best Google Pixel 6 chargers aren’t phone chargers, they’re everything chargers

Pixel 6 Pro ChargersSource: Ara Wagoner / Android Central

As mentioned up top, you don’t need the Google 30W USB-C Power Adapter, but its listing is helpful because it helps tell us what we need out of better-priced and better-designed USB-C chargers for the Pixel 6: we need a Power Delivery charger supporting PPS (Programmable Power Supply) charging at 25W or higher.

Two years ago, PPS was rare to see outside high-power laptop chargers, but thanks to Samsung, it’s become much more prevalent. Samsung uses PPS to manage heat and improve charging safety for its fancy Note 10+ 45W charging and in its 25W Galaxy S21/S20 charging spec, too. This means the official 25W Samsung charger is actually a pretty great option for Pixel 6 owners — especially since Samsung includes an e-marked cable — and it means that newer third-party chargers support it to appeal to Galaxy owners.

Power Delivery means you can buy one charger for everything, and you absolutely should.

Of course, buying a charger that’s 25W seems a bit silly when there are plenty of 45-90W chargers that support PPS and can fast charge your Pixel 6 just as easily as it can fast-charge your Chromebook or Macbook. All three Anker Nano II models support PPS and work with the Pixel 6, but why get the 30W when the 45W is barely any bigger in size or price and will fast-charge more of your tech, both today and in the future.

Another upgrade worth considering when buying a Power Delivery charger for the Pixel 6: Go multi-port! More and more USB-C dual-port and triple-port chargers will let you fast charge your laptop and your Pixel 6 Pro at top speed, thanks to proper power management between the two USB-C ports on the charger. The Aukey Omnia Mix3 is a perfect example: your laptop can charge at 60W while the Pixel 6 gets the same 30W it’d get from Google’s wall charger.

The right charger also needs the right cable!

When it comes to charging any electronics, it doesn’t matter how much current your charger serves up or how much your phone can suck down: the charging speed will only go as fast as its weakest link. So if you plug your Pixel 6 Pro into your fancy new 90W charger using a five-year-old cable without the proper configuration or parts inside, you’ll get a slow charge rather than a fast one.

Programmable Power Supply charging requires an e-marked cable for the phone and charger to talk to each other and negotiate the charging speed according to the phone’s heat, power level, and charging protocols. While cables are very quick to slap numbers like 100W charging or 10Gbps on the listing title, e-marked often isn’t mentioned in the title and sometimes isn’t listed at all.

If your cable isn’t e-marked, your new fast charger is wasted, so double-check that if your new charger didn’t come with a cable that you buy one that is.

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