Best iPhone 13 MagSafe Accessories

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The iPhone 13 Series is official, and like last year’s models, features MagSafe. A name popular with Mac-owners and reutilized by Apple for a line of accessories. If the iPhone 13 is your first experience with the new hardware, this article lists some of the best MagSafe Accessories available on the market and features options across categories, including Wallets, Car Mounts, and more.

Note: Apple added four new devices to its lineup this year in the form of iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Best iPhone 13 MagSafe Wallets

Apple Leather Wallet

Now with Find My

Crafted from European Leather, which is specially tanned and finished, the Apple Leather Wallet is the accessory to get if minimalistic wallets are up your alley. The leather enclosure can hold up to three cards and has shielding to avoid any damage to the cards from the present magnets. The new version, available in Dark Cherry, Golden Brown, Midnight, Sequoia Green, and Wisteria, also supports Apple’s Find My technology.

Spigen Valentinus

Vegan Leather

The Spigen Valentinus is the wallet accessory to pick if you’re looking to get the look of leather without spending too much. The MagSafe compatible accessory will attach on the back to add two card slots and features multiple cutouts, one at the bottom and another on its back, to make getting to your cards an easy task. The product uses Black Vegan Leather and features stitching at its edges to add an air of premium to its look.

Spigen Rugged Armor Magnetic Wallet

Silicone Pads for Added Grip

If leather is not your material of choice, and you prefer accessories that can handle a rough and tough lifestyle, the Spigen Rugged Armor Magnetic Wallet will satisfy your needs. It can hold up to two cards and features two silicon pads on the side that attach to your phone to increase friction and stop it from falling off when sliding in and out of your pocket.

Best iPhone 13 MagSafe Wireless Chargers

Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger

The Basic

The standard MagSafe Charger features a simplistic silicone pad and aluminum frame design, capable of charging your iPhone at 15W wirelessly, while other Qi-charging accessories are limited to 7.5W. It comes with an integrated 1m USB-C Cable that Apple recommends should be plugged into its 20W USB-C adapter (sold separately) for optimal charging. But if you have other Qi-enabled accessories (AirPods, Android smartphones, etc.), do not worry, as the puck is capable of charging those too, albeit at 7.5W.

Belkin MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charger

Ecosystem Convenience

The Belkin MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charger is the accessory to have if you like to have your devices ready to go at all times. You can place it in your living room or by your bed. Its MagSafe segment will charge your iPhone at 15W, and the Qi-enabled component will power AirPods with 5W. It’s available in two colorways, White and Black, with a stainless steel support arm.

mophie Snap+

For A Stealthy Look

mophie Snap+ is another accessory capable of adhering to your iPhone with its built-in magnets but charges it at 7.5W. The all-black puck is also compatible for use with other Androids and can power them at 15W. It has a USB-C end, for which you will need to purchase an adapter. Mophie also includes an adapter that adds an array of magnets to any phone without MagSafe in the retail packaging.

Best iPhone 13 MagSafe Car Mounts

SUPCASE Air Vent Car Mount

Accessory for an Accessory

The SUPCASE Air Vent Car Mount is the accessory to pick if you already own a MagSafe Wireless Charger from Apple and are looking for a solution that makes using it in your car a convenient affair. The attachment features a ball and socket joint allowing for 360-degree rotation, meaning viewing angles aren’t limited. And the plastic extension for the cable will ensure it does not get damaged and start tearing. SUPCASE advises using a MagSafe Case to get the best adherence.

Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO

Robust Design

Belkin Car Vent Mount PRO features a minimalistic design and uses a strong, rectangular magnetic base to hold your MagSafe-compatible iPhone in place. Its ball-joint ensures smooth rotation to let you flip your phone around with ease, making it landscape for navigation or portrait to control your music a simple task. A cable management point — designed between the clip and mount — will also make it easy to store your Lightning Cable.

Spigen OneTap Car Vent Mount

More Scope for Movement

Spigen OneTap Car Vent is the accessory to get for your iPhone if you require an increased range of motion from a car mount. The swingarm on it can move your phone out of the path of the air vent to increase airflow and allow it to be closer or further away from you. The Pro version of this accessory comes with a built-in cable that enables wireless charging with up to 7.5W of power. It’s also available in another variant designed to stick onto a car’s dashboard.

Best iPhone 13 MagSafe Powerbanks

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

The Default

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is an accessory that’s perfect for quick recharges to give you a few extra hours with your iPhone in a moment of need. It attaches and functions seamlessly due to MagSafe and its no-button approach. When disconnected from a power source, the accessory charges your iPhone at 5W. When connected to a 20W adapter, the speed increases to 15W. Meaning, it effectively functions just like the MagSafe Puck. The accessory is also capable of charging other Qi-enabled devices like AirPods.

Anker MagGo

Wireless Charging & In-built Stand

Similar in function to Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack, the Anker MagGo is a 5000mAh cell that can charge your iPhone with 7.5W of power when on the go. It charges via a USB-C port (which can be used to charge other devices) and the foldout kickstand brings an added level of convenience.

Our Top Picks for iPhone 13 MagSafe Accessories

Now, if you want the most basic experience and are looking for an accessory made from premium materials, Apple’s Leather Wallet is the way to go, but it sticks best to the iPhone when used with a MagSafe compatible case. And amongst third-party options, if Spigen’s aren’t to your liking, MOFT makes a nice foldable stand and wallet thingamajig. While it is only available for iPhone 12 Series, I have received confirmation that an iPhone 13 Series-compatible version will be available in Windy Blue and Nude colorways.

For choosing between Wireless Chargers, we recommend getting a device that features an all-in-one implementation and doesn’t need you to purchase an extra charging brick. The option that meets this criterion is the Belkin MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charger, which will mesh into your home with its elegant design and provide a Qi charging pad for smaller accessories like AirPods (or TWS Buds of your choice). The 3-in-1 option also features an Apple Watch dock to keep all your on-the-go devices juiced up and ready.

Speaking of car mounts: it’s important to have an accessory that makes traveling convenient by keeping your phone out of the way but within reach and power on & charging. To fulfill this duty, we recommend getting Spigen’s OneTap or OneTap Pro. Its swing arm design will help manage range, and the Pro’s MagSafe Wireless Charger will help keep a cleaner cabin experience.

And lastly, choosing a power bank can be difficult, but going with Apple’s OEM hardware will ensure seamless functionality, and Spigen’s option will not be available for a while longer. But if you’re looking to pick up a third-party option, there should also be a refresh happening for Anker’s MagSafe Power Bank to match iPhone 13’s dimensions, so keep your eyes peeled for updates to this segment of the article.

With that, we end our list of Best MagSafe Accessories for iPhone 13. Do you think we missed out on some great options? Let us know in the comments below and tell us why you believe that accessory is useful and a worthy consideration.

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