Best iPhone 13 MagSafe Cases

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iPhone 13 in multiple MagSafe cases

Choosing a case for your smartphone can often be a daunting task, as you tend to look for the best combination of style and functionality without hurting your wallet. The addition of MagSafe to iPhones and its protective accessory brought another dynamic when considering the function of the case. Thus, to help make your decision easier, in this guide, we’ve listed nine MagSafe capable options for iPhone 13, which you may consider buying.

Apple Silicone Case

iPhone 13 Apple Silicone Case

The Apple Silicone Case is the accessory to get for iPhone 13 if you’re hoping to add protection without excess bulk and losing MagSafe functionality. It’s available in eight different colors, providing an opportunity for a wide variety of pairings. But keep in mind, if you find yourself dropping your phone often and want a lot more security for the front of your device, there are better options available in the market.

Apple Silicone Case

Buy the Apple Silicone Case in eight different colors for adequate protection and access to every feature your iPhone packs.

Spigen Mag Armor

Spigen Mag Armor for iPhone 13

Spigen Mag Armor for iPhone 13 features a design headlined by its muted black colorway, textured sides, and tactile button covers, the latter being a trait, not every case can boast. There are raised lips around the display and the rear camera section to ensure your phone isn’t in direct contact when kept on any surface. The back also features a simple lined pattern, and we hope it’ll be available in more colorways.

Spigen Mag Armor

Buy the Spigen Mag Armor to protect your device from falls without breaking the bank and losing out on any functionality.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag for iPhone 13

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag is the case option for users who want to protect their device while still showing off its colorway. The accessory uses a combination of polycarbonate and TPU. The former on the back and the latter around its edges. Inlayed on the back is a ring of magnets aimed at increasing compatibility with MagSafe-certified accessories. Other features of the case are its tactile buttons, properly sized cutouts, and an anti-yellowing aspect, which we believe doesn’t apply to the TPU sides.

It’s available in two other colors options, one with a faint shade of pink and another with black paint on the outer side of the magnetic array.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag is the option for those who want a slim profile clear case with MagSafe functionality.

ESR Air Armor

ESR Air Armor for iPhone 13

The ESR Air Armor mixes aspects of a slim clear case with those meant for rugged protection. It deals with the iPhone 13’s increased camera size by adding air pockets on the corners and a raised lip around the backplate. The latter uses a plastic back, claiming scratch resistance, three times greater than that of polycarbonate.

There are also raised edges around the front, although it lacks the availability of tinted or colored magnet segment options like Spigen Ultra Hybrid Mag.

ESR Air Armor

ESR Air Armor is the option to avoid rocking when you place the phone on a table and add great protection while showing off the color of your phone.

NOMAD Sport Case

NOMAD Sport Case in Marine Blue for iPhone 13

The NOMAD Sport Case features a grippy bumper and glossy polycarbonate backplate, which aims to protect your phone from heights of up to six feet and give it a minimalistic look. It features metal buttons and a ring of neodymium magnets to ensure uncompromised MagSafe functionality. A bonus is the NFC card which you can configure to share online profiles.

The accessory is available in five colors, Black, Grey, Olive, Beige (darker than normal), and Blue (with a greyish tinge).

NOMAD Sport Case

The perfect case option for a minimalist who wants to ensure their device is protected and doesn’t want to compromise on looks.

NOMAD Modern Leather

NOMAD Modern Leather Case all colors for iPhone 13

The NOMAD Modern Leather Case is the accessory option to get if you want a combination of leather and rugged protection. The case uses Horween leather which the manufacturer says will develop a rugged patina and even shows how it will age on its website. It’s available in three colors, Black, Brown, and Beige.

It increases the drop protection of the Sport Case by four feet, making it a total of ten, and features a similar ring of neodymium magnets and the NFC card for sharing profiles.

NOMAD Modern Leather Case

The NOMAD Modern Leather Case is the accessory for 10 feet of drop protection without losing out on the premium feel of leather.

MOFT Snap Case

MOFT Snap Case for iPhone 13 Pink

The MOFT Snap Case for iPhone 13 is the accessory to have if you like the idea of accent colors. It features a hardback with an inlaid layer of white paint and shock-absorbing TPU edges. The transparent sections of this accessory allow you to show off your phone’s color, adding a dynamic to its overall look.

MOFT claims the case has been tested for 5 feet of drop protection and features magnets that will work well with its Stand & Wallet attachment.

MOFT Snap Case

The perfect accessory for users who want added protection, love accent colors, and use accessories like MOFT’s Stand and Wallet attachment.

Apple Leather Case

iPhone 13 Leather Case in Green

The Apple Leather Case is the accessory to get if you want some basic amount of protection with the supple feel of leather in your hands. It features machined aluminum buttons that serve as an accent to the color of the case. The material will also develop creases based on how you continue to use it that adds a hint of personalization.

With my close to two months of use of the Saddle Brown Leather Case for iPhone 12, the accessory has protected my phone from a fall, leaving it unscathed. And since I’ve gotten it, the leather has only developed creases and not changed much in terms of color, but I have started noticing a darker shade on the raised edges around the screen.

Apple Leather Case

The Apple Leather Case is the accessory to get if you want your device to be protected and still look and feel good.

OtterBox Defender XT

OtterBox Defender XT for iPhone 13

The OtterBox Defender XT for iPhone 13 is the case to get for military-grade protection while maintaining compatibility with MagSafe. It’s available in three colorways, two of which use a dual-tone design, and another that’s a solid black. The case also has a port cover to prevent dust and lint from getting into the Lightning Port at the bottom of the device.

OtterBox provides a holster for the device, which is made available upon request.

OtterBox Defender XT

OtterBox Defender XT is the case to get for rugged protection without a compromise on MagSafe-based features.

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