Best S Pen cases & accessories for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 2021

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S Pen cases & accessories for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
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One of Samsung’s latest smartphones, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, impresses with tons of fabulous features, including amazing cameras and a super sleek design that’s complemented by the absolutely gorgeous 6.8-inch screen. The phone is IP68 dust and water-resistant, but it’s still important to protect it with a case. And while the phone doesn’t come with the popular Samsung S Pen, it works seamlessly with one. So, it’s a no-brainer to grab the S Pen — easily the best stylus for Android phones like this one — to use with it. While you’re at it, consider choosing among the best S Pen cases and other accessories to complete the experience.

Spigen Liquid Air P Galaxy S21 Ultra

Trusted brand:
Spigen Liquid Air P

Staff Pick

You can never go wrong with a Spigen case, and this one actually comes with a built-in slot to accommodate an S Pen. It’s slim and form-fitting with an anti-slip matte surface that’s comfortable to hold while tapping away or jotting notes. With military-grade protection and Air Cushion technology, your precious phone will be fully protected.

$20 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S View Flip Case Ultra S

Brand power:
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S-view Flip Case with S Pen Bundle

Go straight to the source with this Samsung-branded bundle that includes an S-view flip case for the smartphone along with an S-Pen that neatly tucks away in the holder inside the cover. The case offers antimicrobial protection for the device’s entire surface, including the front via its folio cover.

Xbc Tips Nibs Replacement S Pen

Tips ‘n’ tweezers:
XBC 2-Pack Tips/Nibs Replacement with Removal Tweezer

There comes a time when you might need to replace the tips/nibs from the S Pen, and this is where this kit comes in. It comes with two packs of tips/nibs for a total of 10, along with a pair of tweezers that will come in handy for removing the old one. It also includes a SIM card tray ejector pin as a bonus accessory that’s always good to have on hand.

$7 at Amazon

Ubrokeifixit Replacement Tips Nibs S Pen

Black and gray tips:
Ubrokeifixit Replacement Tips/Nibs

If you like the option of having gray tips and black, this replacement kit includes three black color tips and a pair of gray. Easy to install (no instructions are included, so this kit is best for those familiar with how to change the tip), it comes with tweezers and easy application and removal.

$5 at Amazon

Galaxy S21 Ultra Silicone Cover With S Pen

Simple Samsung with S Pen:
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Silicone Cover with S Pen

This official case from Samsung offers basic protection and comes with an actual S Pen, so you get both at once. Naturally, it also has a slot to hold the S Pen when you aren’t using it, secured on the left side of the case where you can easily pop it out when it’s time to get to work. It’s a nice, slim case that will be perfect for everyday use.

Nanami Fast Charger

Charge it up:
NANAMI Qi Charger Stand

Keep the phone powered up while you jot down notes or navigate webpages using the S Pen in one hand while keeping the other free to multitask. The stand offers Qi wireless charging at 10W, so you can charge other wireless-enabled devices. Position the phone in landscape or portrait orientation so you can work on spreadsheets, write notes, make calculations, and more while the phone is propped up on your desk.

Supcase Ub Pro Galaxy S21 Ultra Case

Rugged protection:
SUPCASE UB Pro Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Not only does this ultra-rugged case for the S21 Ultra have a built-in kickstand and comes with a rotating holster, it also has a built-in S Pen holder. Ideal for those who work out in the field or need the ultimate in protection, it’s tested to withstand drops from as high as 20 feet thanks to the multi-layered TPU and polycarbonate materials.

Why get the Samsung S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone?

When you think of the Samsung S Pen, you traditionally think of Samsung Galaxy tablets and the Note line, which the Pen has historically been used with. But S Pen support for the S21 Ultra smartphone has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, and marked the first time Samsung is offering support for the stylus outside of its popular Note series.

The S Pen helps with everything from jotting down notes to sketching, providing the benefit of better precision than you’d get from a fingertip. It’s also helpful for more easily and smoothly navigating websites and documents, selecting items, and more from the phone’s generously sized screen.

There are a lot of other cool things you can do with an S Pen. However, keep in mind that not all of the S Pen functions that work on a Galaxy Note device will work on the Ultra S21, including those that require Bluetooth support, like gesture features for controlling slideshows and skipping songs. But for navigating menus, writing things down, taking notes, or making sketches, an S Pen is a valuable tool to accompany the S21 Ultra smartphone. And it’s worth grabbing one of the best S Pen cases to go along with it. We love Spigen’s case in this regard, thanks to how seamlessly it integrates the Pen into the side, along with Spigen’s reputation for quality. But there are other options worth considering, too, and some accessory kits that will help prolong the lifespan of the Pen so you can use it for years to come.

With that said, if you don’t necessarily need a case that integrates an S Pen holder, there are plenty of other Galaxy S21 Ultra cases from which to choose.

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