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Sifting through the best Black Friday smartwatch deals can be quite challenging when you have so many solid choices in front of you. We’re seeing major discounts on some of the best Android smartwatches, including every model in the Garmin Venu lineup.

If you’re not familiar with this lineup, it includes the original Garmin Venu, the Garmin Venu Sq, and the Garmin Venu 2. These are a few of the best Garmin smartwatches on the market, so getting any of these wearables at a discounted price is a real treat. The deals range from $50 off all the way up to $155 off, so you’ll want to act fast to get yours.

No matter which Garmin Venu model you fancy, you’ll be getting one of the best fitness smartwatches available. The original Venu was released back in 2019, which makes it the oldest model. Don’t worry, this smartwatch is still capable of handling your needs. You’ll enjoy plenty of features, including built-in GPS, heart-rate monitoring, activity/sleep tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, contactless payments, music storage, smartphone notifications, and five days of battery life. It also has a sharp AMOLED display and a stylish design that’s perfect for any occasion.

If you want the most affordable model, check out the Garmin Venu Sq. It’s different from the others in a few ways, but the first thing you’ll notice is the physical design. Rather than a traditional circular watch face, the Venu Sq sports a more squarish design. It has a color LCD rather than an AMOLED, so it’s not quite as sharp. On the plus side, the battery life will last for six days. If you want a model with music storage, you’ll have to upgrade to the Venu Sq Music, which is $50 more than the regular model. What’s more, all the previous perks we mentioned for the Venu are also available on the Venu Sq.

The newest model in the lineup is the Garmin Venu 2. It may only be $50 off, but this might be enough to sway some users. Many people felt that Venu 2 was overpriced when it was released earlier this year, so now is the time to get it for less. The Venu 2 is the first in the lineup to offer two size options: 40mm and 45mm. The battery life has greatly improved, too. The larger Venu 2 model can last for 11 days in smartwatch mode while the smaller model can last for 10 days. It has all the same features as the original Venu plus new activity profiles, sleep score, fitness age, and more.

Where will the best Black Friday Garmin Venu deals be?

The good news is that you can find these deals at most major retailers. While some sales are exclusively offered by the manufacturer, that’s not the case with these Black Friday Garmin Venu deals. It’s also worth mentioning that the prices are currently identical across all sites, so you can choose your preferred retailer, head to checkout, and score your deal!

When are the Black Friday Garmin Venu deals?

The Garmin Venu 2 was only released about six months ago, so the current deal of $50 off is probably as good as it’ll get. Regardless of which Black Friday Garmin Venu deal you’re interested in, they’re all up for grabs right now. Black Friday week has already begun, so you may not want to risk waiting for a better deal to come along and potentially miss out.

As for the original Garmin Venu and the Venu Sq, these two watches have been around a bit longer. While there is a chance their price tags could dip even lower, they’re both already heavily discounted ahead of Black Friday. The Garmin Venu is over 40% off and the Venu Sq is 35% off. While Black Friday officially falls on Nov. 26, these deals may be your best shot at scoring a major discount on your Garmin Venu model of choice.

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