Bose’s latest QuietComfort 45 headphones get their first big discount

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Bose has dominated the wireless audio segment for a long time now, with the QuietComfort 35 solidifying the brand’s position in this category. The QuietComfort 45 build on that legacy; they don’t differ too much to their predecessor, but you get a few tweaks, including better battery life, a lighter design, and a USB-C port for charging.

The QuietComfort 45 launched just three months ago for $329, and they’re getting their first discount for Black Friday, going on sale for $279, $50 off their launch price. The 15% discount may not seem like a lot, but for a brand-new product to go on sale is a big deal in and of itself, making this one of the best Black Friday headphone deals.

Bose hasn’t messed with the design too much, with the QuietComfort 45 retaining the same overall design with the plush leather ear pads and headband, so you get the same all-day comfort. You’ll find the power button to the left and volume/playback controls on the right, the USB-C charging port on the right, and a 3.5mm jack that lets you plug in a cable and use the QuietComfort 45 in wired mode.

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Like its predecessor, the QuietComfort 45 excels at noise cancellation, tuning out all ambient sounds in your immediate vicinity. You get the choose the intensity of the noise isolation, and there’s a nifty transparency mode that allows some external sounds to make their way in.

Save $50 on the Bose QuietComfort 45

Of course, the sound quality is on par with the best headsets in this category, with Bose delivering a rich bass and vibrant highs. The QuietComfort 45 pair over Bluetooth 5.1, and have high-quality mics that are ideal for voice and video calls on the go.

You won’t find any issues getting the QuietComfort 45 to last over 24 hours on a full charge, so even with heavy use, you’ll only be charging these once a week. And like all Bose products in this category, the QuietComfort 45 fold down easily — making them a great option for portable use — and you get a carrying case in the package. Overall, there’s a lot to like about the QuietComfort 45, and the fact that they’re already selling for $279 makes them an easy recommendation if you’re looking to buy high-quality headphones.

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