Can I remove the screen protector on the Galaxy Z Fold 3?

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Galaxy Fold 2 with S Pen

With the Unpacked Event that happened this August, it’s clear Samsung is aiming to make foldables more common with year-on-year improvements to their portfolio of such devices. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the latest addition to the Fold lineup, whose first iteration was in hot waters due to confusion around the screen protector removal at launch. A few years on, does this protector still pose a problem, or can you remove it from the Z Fold 3?

Unlike the original Galaxy Fold, the Z Fold 3 will not become non-functional when you remove the screen protector. This means, Yes, you can remove the screen protector, although Samsung highlights against doing this in their care instructions for the foldable. They also suggest not applying any third-party accessory that hasn’t received any official approval.

Here at Pocketnow, Jaime mentioned to me that while he was not fond of the screen protectors on the original Fold and Z Fold 2, on the newest generation, he has not felt like removing the film at all.

Also, as you may know, the Z Fold 3 supports the use of an S Pen, albeit it has to be the Fold Edition unit or S Pen Pro. These styli come with a provision for their nib, allowing it to retract, that does not allow excess pressure to be applied on the screen unless you’re intentionally trying to damage it.

Now, in case you’ve nicked your screen protector and want to get it replaced, Samsung does offer a service to do it, albeit the exact costs are unknown. But if you’ve damaged the screen itself, it will cost you $479 to get it fixed. With Samsung Care Plus, this comes down to $249.
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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is the foldable to get if you want the most robust experience offered on the market. It packages a large screen along with the Snapdragon 888 to ensure getting your tasks done is a breeze.

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