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In this patent, discovered by CanonNews, Canon is applying for a hybrid optical and electronic rangefinder viewfinder. It would also have the ability to switch to fully electronic, full optical, and hybrid as machine translated and described below.

In the image pickup device, the function of the sight and the function of the electronic viewfinder are realized by using different display devices, so that the image pickup device becomes large. Therefore, the present invention   presents a small display device capable of switching between a sighting device and an electronic viewfinder.

An image in which an image from the objective window and an image displayed on the image display element are superimposed can be visually recognized.

In the above image figure (a) shows the mirror semi-transparent and figure b) shows the mirror fully reflective – allowing Canon to switch between optical and hybrid easily.

Could we ever see this in a Canon small RF camera? It’s really hard to say, but it’s an interesting design.  I would love for Canon to go back into the past and make a small rangefinder camera.

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