Canon EOS R6 firmwave v1.5.0 changelog posted, download now available | Canon Rumors

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My experience has been that on the odd occasion when I get a lock-up, it’s usually if not always caused by the buffer overloading, so it’s less likely to happen if you use a really fast CF-E card, and quite likely to happen if you use a slower SD card. It’s only happened to me 3 or 4 times, having used the camera heavily (15K actuations) for a year.

I’ve never had to remove a battery to fix it – simply turning the camera off and back on again fixes it. Nevertheless it’s a pain in the neck as it invariably happens at a critical moment. I doubt if Canon would even acknowledge that the problem exists, but it’s quite possible that they might produce a fix, and include it under unspecified bug-fixes or “stability enhancements”…

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