Concept: Could HomePod mini see a colorful update at Apple’s March event?

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In November Apple refreshed the HomePod mini with three new fall colors. They’ve been particularly difficult to get recently – nearly unavailable in many retail stores and suffering from longer-than-usual shipping times. Despite this, the white and space gray models are widely available. With Apple’s March event now revealed, might we see a spring color refresh for the HomePod mini?

Apple’s fall HomePod mini colors were blue, orange, and yellow. They were all rich and vibrant and clearly meant for the season. Apple updates its accessories for their devices several times a year, usually in the spring, at some point in the summer, and in the fall. iPhone cases, watch bands, and other products get new colors and sometimes new materials. With Apple trying to make the HomePod mini a big success, it wouldn’t be surprising for them to refresh the colors more frequently to encourage purchases.

We looked to Pantone’s Spring 2022 colors for new color ideas. Ultimately, we selected three new colors to replace the ones from the fall: dahlia (purple), innuendo (pink), and basil (green). These three colors would make excellent additions to the lineup and would help light up any space they’re put in.

We also looked at some fairly neutral color options like coca mocha (brown) and poppy seed (gray) as well as some shades of blue and yellow. But the purple and pink colors are particularly bold and make great replacements for the yellow and orange options from the fall, while green is more subtle replacing the blue.

We fully expect Apple to introduce new colors to many of their accessories around the same time as the March 8 event, and we hope that Apple does indeed include the HomePod in that refresh.

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