Darkroom for iOS adds Filter Management feature with version 5.8

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Darkroom is updating today its iOS app with a new Filter Management feature. With this feature, if you have a few filters you frequently use, it’s easier to manage and find them.

Users can now update to version 5.8 of Darkroom through the App Store. Here’s what the app says about today’s update:

Filter Management is here! If you have a few filters you frequently use, or a lot of filters making your filter list hard to handle, then today’s release will make you happy.

We’ve completely rebuilt the Filter Tool, providing you with an efficient and full featured workflow for managing and creating Filters. You can now favorite your top filters, reorder them however you like, rename/delete quickly, and hide sets you never use. On iPad and macOS we redesigned it completely, increasing the density of the tool, making it more mouse and keyboard-friendly.

Even though many users have been asking for the feature, for now, Darkroom notes that filters do not sync across devices. So if you have a go-to editor device, put all your effort into it.

Here is the highlight of this update:

  • Favorite the best filters: Filters you use the most will appear first in the filter tool, youc an also reorder them;
  • Organize custom filters: When managing filters, you can reorder custom filters;
  • Hide filter sets: User can now hide any set of filter that they don’t like, keeping them focused on filters that matter the most;
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Darkroom is adding keyboard shorctus for navigatin throught the filter list on the Mac and the iPad. Using the “J” and “K” keys to to quickly navigate throught the filter list. Use “,” and “.” to increase and decrease the filter intensity in steps of 10.

Darkroom also says this is “the first part of a new effort to invest more heavily in our filter infrastructure, supercharging the tool, and allowing us to add new features that weren’t possible before.”

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