Does your current phone support storage expansion?

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

It seems like storage expansion is one of those smartphone features that’s gone the way of the headphone jack. That is, it’s a feature that’s been dropped from many flagship phones even though many people seem to love it.

Storage expansion is still commonplace on mid-range and low-end phones, and some flagship devices have them too. But does your current smartphone have this feature? You can let us know by voting in the poll below.

Does your current phone have storage expansion?

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Just to clarify, we consider a phone to have storage expansion if it has an integrated card slot for microSD cards or Huawei’s NM cards (it can be a hybrid SIM slot too). Flash drives and hard drives plugged in via USB-C or cloud storage don’t count in our book.

So does your current phone have a memory card slot, then? Vote in the poll above and leave a comment if you have more on your mind.

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