Every PS4 and PS5 game coming out in December 2021

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What are you playing?

The holidays are here, and while it’s normally a time for big-named titles to release, this year is slightly different. Due to delays from some of the more highly-anticipated titles, not much is coming to PlayStation consoles in December. However, that doesn’t mean nothing is coming out.

First up, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker marks one of the most highly anticipated expansions in recent memory, with fans of the MMORPG eagerly awaiting the new content set to hit the game. If you’re looking to dive into something a bit more indie, then the action platformer Solar Ash might b for you, as it offers some unique twists on the platforming genre in a smaller bundle.

Finally, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is coming out, giving fans the chance to experience a much bigger, but still plenty scary entry in the series. Looking forward to a different release? Shoot us a Tweet over at @AndroidCentral and tell us all about it.

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