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  • Some of the Samsung Galaxy S22 wallpapers have allegedly just leaked.
  • You can download four of the wallpapers here.
  • The source of these walls is vague at the moment, so we’re not sure how credible they are.

In early 2022, we expect Samsung to launch the next iterations of its flagship Galaxy S smartphones. Now, well over a month before that anticipated launch, we have an interesting leak related to the phones.

Below, you’ll find what are allegedly Samsung Galaxy S22 wallpapers. The four wallpapers certainly look legit since they feature the usual abstract and colorful designs we see from Samsung. However, the source of the leak, Android Police, makes no mention of how they obtained them. As such, we’re going to be a little more skeptical of them than usual. We’ve reached out to Android Police to get clarity on this.

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Regardless, the Samsung Galaxy S22 wallpapers certainly seem accurate. They don’t differ too much from the wallpapers we saw on the Galaxy S21 and even the Galaxy S20 series. The one with the black background, in particular, looks very close to the official walls that came with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Check out the four walls for yourself in the gallery below. If you want to try these out, though, please don’t download them from the gallery. Those images have been compressed and won’t look as good on your device. Instead, scroll down past the gallery and click the button to download a ZIP file with all the Samsung Galaxy S22 wallpapers at their highest resolution.

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Leaked Samsung Galaxy S22 wallpapers

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