Google dabbles in digital fashion with the ‘Pixel 6: Material You’ collection

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Today sees the launch of the Google Pixel 6: Material You Collection – a limited edition digital fashion collection that celebrates individuality, self-expression and showcases the beauty of customisation, determined by the new Pixel 6’s ability to learn and adapt to you.

Artist, Tinie Tempah, Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper, Bettina Looney, Multi-Disciplinary Artist, Radam Ridwan, Disability & LGBTQIA+ activist, Sophie Butler, Model and Author, Jack Guinness and Model and Fashion Stylist, Kyle De’Volle, will co-create Google’s first digital collection in partnership with leading fashion house, The Fabricant.

Digital fashion is the visual representation of physical clothes, used to dress images and online personas that has been transforming the fashion industry by offering virtual customised garments that are sustainable. “The Pixel 6” are style influencers known for their trailblazing individuality. Google has brought these together to showcase the intuitive power of the Pixel 6 phone – the first of its kind to learn and adapt to you – and celebrate the technology innovations that allow us to express our individuality and customise everything in our world – from digital wardrobes right through to our phones.

The 12-piece sustainable collection is unisex with garments that can be worn by everyone and is completely carbon neutral. The Pixel 6 was used as a tool to create the concepts for the garments, including the Pixel camera to capture and edit image inspiration for mood boards using the new game-changing Magic Eraser tool and the dynamic colour capabilities of Material You to theme the collection. The limited edition Google Pixel 6: Material You Collection will be available for anyone in the UK to access for free from 23rd November.

Shenaz Zack Mistry, Google Pixel Product Manager, said: “Pixel 6 is radically different from what we have done before. The culmination of Google smarts and software innovation has unlocked breakthrough features not only across the camera, but also a fresh new Material You personalised interface. This device learns to adapt to you, allowing you to express your true self through these features. By bringing the Google Pixel 6: Material You Collection to the British public, in a time when there’s a deliberate move away from purchasing once-off garments, this digital fashion collection can be accessed by anyone for free, and allows you to express your individuality – without impacting the environment. With customisation and individuality being at the heart of Pixel 6, we encourage everyone to play with these collections designed in collaboration with our Pixel 6 panel of stylists.”

The Google Pixel 6 is the first phone to learn and adapt to the user through a range of innovative features and is paving the way for digital fashion to be more accessible through our mobiles.

The Fabricant’s Senior 3D Fashion Designer, Anna Liedtke and Senior Producer, Dimitar Kralev said: “As the lines between the virtual and real worlds become more blurred, people are exploring creative ways to express themselves through their phones and online personas.

The beauty of digital fashion lies in the progressive way it allows us to express ourselves by pushing us to the very limits of our imaginations – leaving us with something completely unique which reflects our individuality.”

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