Here are Realtek’s new network solutions from CES 2022

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Realtek CES 2022
Source: Realtek

Realtek, one of the leading companies in network and multimedia IC providers, has announced loads of full range of communications network, multimedia, and consumer electronics solutions at 2022 CES. The company ships its parts in most Microsoft Windows laptops and now it has revealed the new products that could be featured in your next device. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

AIoT SoC for Energy-Saving Dual-Band Wireless Network Camera

For starters, Realtek has launched a single chip for highly integrated ultra-low-power-consumption wireless network cameras. The company says that the low-power-consumption ICs will “greatly” extend the operating days of battery-powered systems. The SoC is encased in a 10x10mm sq. QFN package and features a faster CPU, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth BLE5, ISP H.264/H.265 video encoder, audio codec, DRAM memory, security engine, and more. It also features a better AI Neural Network engine that helps the system boot faster and enables support for various AI video and voice recognition applications.

New Smart Home Central Platform

Realtek has launched a highly integrated SoC that features a quad-core CPU, Wi-Fi 6 support, Bluetooth 5.3, and runs on a Dual Linux OS/FreeRTOS System. Realtek says this chip can easily be embedded into home appliances or a home central control platform and enable “smart voice functions”.

Through Wi-Fi 6, the SoC offers low latency and low power consumption. Ameba Smart connects wearables and Bluetooth sensors and can broadcast audio to Bluetooth LE Audio devices via the latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard.

Wi-Fi 6 AP router solution

Realtek has also announced a new Wi-Fi 6 AP router solution with AI QoS control. The router doesn’t require Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and can identify over a million apps and 200,000 games. The AI QoS works in real-time. Realtek explains this with an example saying that a user A is gaming, conferencing, or watching an online movie, when user B uses a cloud backup service or downloads updates, user A’s experience would previously have been interrupted by lag. Realtek’s new AI QoS will reduce the download/upload bandwidth of non-critical apps and ensure that user A’s quality experience will remain constant for all lag-sensitive apps.

Wi-Fi 6E USB Dongle

Realtek has also announced a Wi-Fi 6E USB dongle at the CES 2022 event. Using the 160MHz bandwidth, Realtek says it can provide peak download speeds of 1.8Gbps. “RTL8852CE increases overall Wi-Fi performance to
achieve the highest throughput for a better speed experience with lowest latency”
, says Realtek. It also supports Bluetooth Low-Energy Audio with further support for multistream and broadcast audio.

Android and RDK Set Top Box

Realtek has also announced an RDK (Reference Design Kit) Android Set Top Box at the CES 2022 event. The company says most of the service operators require high-performance and power-efficient set-top boxes that can function beyond video services delivery. The Realtek STB features an SoC based on a 12nm process that allows 4K streaming and supports HDMI 2.1 function.

In addition to these devices, Realtek has also announced Bluetooth 5.2 LE SoC that can do both transmitting and receiving at the same time. The company has also introduced a 9-Port 2.5G Ethernet Switch along with 5GbE Single-Chip Ethernet Controller.

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