Here is every color and band style available for Apple Watch 7

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During its annual Fall Event, Apple unveiled the next generation of Apple Watch, the Series 7. While many leaks hinted at an all-new squared-off design, the device only underwent a minor change to feature a larger screen amongst other under the hood advancements. To learn more about it, make sure to check our FAQ on Series 7, but here in this guide we will be focusing upon every style you can purchase the Apple Watch 7 in by going over every one of its official colors and bands.

To give you a little insight on pricing and availability, Apple Watch 7 will be available from 15th October, with pre-orders already live, and will retail for a starting price of $399 (41mm GPS), going all the way up to $1359 and over, for the Hermès lineup.

Apple Watch Series 7

An iterative upgrade

The latest addition to Apple’s smartwatch lineup brings marginal improvements. If you’ve been looking to get one, this is the best option available, but if you already own a Series 6, or SE, you might want to skip this one.

Apple Watch 7 Colors

As has been a trend over the last couple of years, the Apple Watch will be available in two sizes, 41mm and 45mm, with a choice between three case materials, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. The marginal increase has lead to what Apple claims is a 20% increase in screen size, compared to Series 6, albeit the dimensions have hardly seen a change, so your older bands will work just fine.

Aluminum Case

Apple Watch Series 7 colors

This year, the Aluminum Series 7 is available in five different colors. A dark shade called Midnight, Starlight, an off-white tone, a new Green, a revamped Blue, and Red, under the PRODUCT RED branding. Unfortunately for fans of the Space Grey option, which has been available since the first version, Midnight is the new default. While for those of you who have been purchasing the Silver version, you may have to consider either the Titanium or Stainless Steel versions of the Apple Watch 7.

The Apple Watch 7 Nike Edition features exclusive watch faces and ships in Midnight or Starlight with either the Nike Sport Band or Sport Loop, a decision left in your hands.

Stainless Steel Case

Apple Watch 7 Stainless Steel Color Options

Like last year, the Stainless Steel version of the Apple Watch will be available in three colors, Silver, Graphite, and Gold. But if you are willing to pay more for the Hermès model, you can also get one in Space Black. These units also feature a front display covered with Sapphire Glass, while the Aluminum model features Apple’s Ion-X material.

These start at $699 and can go up to $1499 for units shipping with Hermès branded bands.

Titanium Case

Apple Watch 7 Titanium

The Titanium Case for Series 7 will be available in two options, one which Apple calls Titanium, featuring a silver-ish tone, and Space Black Titanium. These start at $799 and can go up to $1249 when configured with the Space Black Link Bracelet.

Apple Watch 7 Official Bands

Sport Band

The Basic

The Sport Band is the accessory you see shipping with default configurations of the Apple Watch. It’s made from fluoroelastomer — a synthetic rubber — that feels soft on your hand and has a pin enclosure. The excess portion of the band then tucks into the designed slot, leading to a clean fit. It is available in Lavender, Orange, Blue, Red, Black, and six other options.

Solo Loop

No Buckle Needed

The Solo Loop is an accessory introduced last year, which uses a stretchable silicone rubber to create a band that slips onto your wrist. Apple has a sizing guide on their website, which you can use to find the right one for you amongst the nine sizes. It is available in Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink, and 12 other options.

Braided Solo Loop

Yes Yarn, No Buckle

The Braided Solo Loop is similar to the Solo Loop but replaces the complete silicone construction with yarn that wraps around silicon threads. It is both sweat and water-resistant. The band is available in ten color options, including standard options like Red, Yellow, Blue, and Olive.

Sport Loop

Velcro Goodness

The Sport Loop for Apple Watch uses breathable woven nylon that goes through a loop to latch onto the band on the other side, making it adjustable to your desired size. It is available in a variety of colors and tends to use more than one in each option. It is available in 12 different variants.

Leather Link

Magnets and Leather

The Leather Link band uses Roux Granada leather made in France and wraps around your wrist to attach on the other side with magnets. The design provides it with a little flexibility, ensuring a secure but comfortable fit, easy to wear throughout the day. It is available in nine different color options.

Modern Buckle Leather

Classic Leather

The Apple Modern Leather Band features a two-piece magnetic close and uses Granada leather to ensure a comfortable fit on your wrist at all times. The band is available in seven different colors and three different lengths to help you have the perfect fit.

There is also a Nike Sport Band and Nike Sport Loop available for Apple Watch 7, which feature more color options and a design variation in the case of the Sport Band, where the perforations allow for better breathability.

If you’re looking at the more premium options, there are also bands from Hermès, which Apple makes available on their website. These are made from leather or nylon and start at $300. And finally, we have the metal options listed on the official website.

Milanese Loop

Magnetic Mesh

Made with Stainless Steel, the Milanese Loop is the accessory to couple with your watch due to its infinitely adjustable nature, which can ensure a perfect fit at all times. Apple says it’s woven on specialized Italian machines and makes it available in three different finishes, Graphite, Gold, and Silver.

Link Bracelet

The Classic

The Link Bracelet uses 316L Stainless Steel and a butterfly closure mechanism to wrap itself around your wrist. It’s available in two finishes, Space Black and Silver, with the respective extension kits ready for purchase. Attaching these is also simplified, with release buttons on several links.

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