How many Google accounts can you have?

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Setting up a Google account is so quick and easy that many people have more than one account. But is there a hard limit to how many Google accounts you can have? Plus, what information is obligatory to set up a Google account?

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You can have as many Google accounts as you want. However, to sign up, you require certain information such as your date of birth (to verify your age) and your country of residence. A mobile number and backup email address is also highly recommended.


How many Google accounts can you have?

Put quite simply, Google imposes no limit on the number of accounts you can make. You can make as many as you want. Knock yourself out and go crazy. It’s free after all.

What you need to sign up for a Google account

gmail signup

The three obligatory pieces of information are your name, birthday and your gender. Google says they ask for your age, as there are age restrictions on setting up an account. However, they don’t ask you to prove your age or your name by uploading ID, so you can easily invent something. As for the gender, Google doesn’t say why they want it, but there’s the option prefer not to say if you don’t want to give it.

The two optional pieces of information are a backup mobile number and backup email address. Google strongly recommends adding a mobile number to secure your account, and to make it easier to recover your account. Adding a number also enables you to set up two-factor authentication. The email address (if you have another one) is also an additional layer of security, so you can have verification codes sent to you.

How to switch Google accounts (Android and iOS)

To switch Google accounts in Gmail on both Android and iOS, tap your Google profile picture in the top right-hand corner.

signoutgmail ios1

This brings up your list of accounts that you’re currently signed into. If the account you want to switch to is here, tap on it. If not, tap Add another account and follow the sign-in instructions.

gmail account changer

You’ll now be transferred over. Note however that in Gmail, you can tap on All Inboxes to receive all email from all signed-in accounts in the same inbox.

How to switch Google accounts (desktop)

Switching Google accounts on the desktop is virtually similar. For this example, I’ll be using YouTube. But as with any Google service, it merely involves clicking your profile picture at the top-right of the screen.

youtube account changer

Scroll down and select Sign Out. Then choose what account you want to log into.

With other Google services, such as Google Docs, you will see the familiar account box when you click on your profile picture. You can then click on the account you want to switch to, or log into another account.

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