How to delete all emails in Gmail

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Gmail’s generous storage quota means that it’s rarely necessary to delete any emails. But there may still be times when you want to mass-delete emails, whether it’s personal emails from someone you’ve just broken up with, or if you really are hitting your storage limit. Here’s the quick and easy guide on how to delete all emails in Gmail.

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To mass-delete Gmail emails, filter the ones you want to delete by selecting its filter or searching for them in the Gmail search bar. Then tick the Select box underneath the search bar, which will highlight all the emails. Now choose Delete to send them to Trash. You can also delete all emails by going to All Mail.

How to delete all emails in Gmail (desktop)

It should be noted first of all that deleting large volumes of email in the Gmail mobile app currently isn’t possible. You would have to delete the emails individually by swiping each one to the Trash. If you have a lot of emails, that would obviously be very time consuming. So it’s highly recommended you do this on a desktop browser.

There are three ways to filter the Gmail emails you want to delete. If you only want to delete emails that match certain search conditions, then enter your search strings in the Gmail search bar, and click Search.

gmail search box

Alternatively, click on a pre-existing label in the left-hand sidebar to bring up all emails that correspond to that label.

gmail create new label

The third method is to select All Mail to get every single mail you have in your account. This would only be suitable if you want to hit the nuclear option and delete every single email you’ve ever sent or received.

gmail all mail

However you choose to pull up the emails you want to delete, once you have them on the screen, tick the Select button at the top. This will highlight all the emails on that page. You can then click Delete to remove them from the page.

gmail select all

However, if the emails you want to delete are on more than one page, clicking the Select button will only highlight the emails one page at a time. To delete all of them in one fell swoop, click the Select all conversations link to highlight everything. Now click Delete.

gmail delete all email

Everything will now be moved to the Trash folder, so bringing the emails back is easy. Just go to Trash, select all the emails you want to restore, click the Move icon  (folder with arrow) and select Inbox or any folder you want. Read more about Gmail labels (folders) here.

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