How to print emails from Gmail and make a tree weep

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Despite the trend towards paperless offices and digitization, there are still some people who stubbornly hold onto the old ways. In tech, one stubborn habit that refuses to die is printing things out. There may be times though when you do need to print something (a letter or email confirmation, for example). So it’s still worth looking at how to print email from Gmail.

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To print email from Gmail, open the email in question. In the top right-hand corner, you’ll see a printer icon. Assuming you’ve set up your printer correctly, you can now preview your printed document on the screen, make necessary tweaks and then hit the print button.


How to print email from Gmail (iOS and Android)

To print an email or an email attachment on iOS and Android, tap the three horizontal buttons on the top right-hand side. This opens up a small menu at the bottom of the screen. Select Print.

gmail mobile print 1

You’ll now get various print options.

First, make sure your printer is switched on and connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your device. If you have an older printer (one that doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi), make sure it’s installed properly with the necessary drivers and other software. Once the printer is on and recognized by your browser, it will show up here, under Printer. If you have more than one printer, you can tap here to select which one you want to use.

You can also select how many copies you want, which pages should be printed, whether it should be color or black and white, paper size, and much more. When you have made all your selections, tap Print to send the file to the printer.

gmail mobile print 2

If you want to print an attachment, tap on it to open it. Then tap the sharing icon in the top right-hand corner. When the sharing menu comes up, select Print and follow the same procedure as before.

gmail mobile print 3

How to print email from Gmail (desktop)

Printing email from the desktop version of Gmail is just as easy. Just look to the top-right again to find the printer icon. Click on that sucker.

gmail print desktop 1

The layout of the print window is very similar to Gmail mobile. The Destination is the printer you want to use. Make sure you’ve chosen the right one. All of the other options are pretty straightforward.

gmail desktop print 2

However, before you click on Print, it’s worth expanding the More settings section.

gmail desktop print 3

Here, you can do things like fix your margins, as well as remove headers and footers, and background graphics, to minimize the amount of printing and save on ink.

How to bypass Gmail print settings and use system settings instead (desktop)

You’ll see in the previous screenshot that there’s an option called Print using system dialogue. This is where you can bypass Gmail’s print settings and use the OS print settings on your computer instead. This is handy if you already have preset print settings on your computer that you prefer to use.

If you click that, the Gmail print window disappears and the OS print window pops up instead. This is the one from macOS. From there, make sure your printer is selected and click Print.

print system settings

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