How to restore tabs on Google Chrome

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We’ve all been there. Accidentally closing the wrong tab can be frustrating and tends to happen with the more tabs we have open. Here’s how to quickly restore tabs on Google Chrome in a pinch.

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To restore tabs on Google Chrome, right-click the top Chrome bar > Reopen closed tab. Alternatively, use the Ctrl + Shift + T keyboard shortcut.


How to reopen your recently closed tabs in Chrome

We’ve all accidentally closed the wrong tab at some point or another. But don’t panic; they are easily retrievable. There are two quick ways to reopen them.

The first method is to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + T to open the last tab exited. The second is to right-click the top Chrome bar and select Reopen closed tab. That will open the last tab you closed.

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If you’ve closed your entire Chrome window by mistake, you can use the same method, but instead of it saying Reopen recently closed tab, it will say Window instead.

Additionally, you can start where you left off when opening Chrome again, so you don’t have to reopen the window every time. Navigate to Settings > On Start-Up, then choose Continue where I left off.

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Next time you open Chrome, any open tabs from your last session will appear.

How to restore closed tabs in Chrome from history

If you’ve accidentally closed several tabs, or want to retrieve a tab from the past, you can do so via your history.

Restore closed tabs in Chrome browser

You can click the three-dot icon in the corner from the Chrome browser, then hover your cursor over History to see a shortlist of your recently closed tabs.

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If you need to recover tabs from further back in time, navigate to History or use the Ctrl + H keyboard shortcut. From here, you can search your history for tabs or scroll down to see the tabs you visited each day. You can even see browsing history on other devices on the left-hand side.

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To reopen a closed tab, click the link from your history records.

Restore closed tabs in Chrome app

Tap the three-dot icon from the Chrome mobile app in the top right corner. Then, tap Recent tabs to find recently closed tabs, or tab History to view tabs from further back in time.

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Be aware that If you were browsing incognito mode and you lose your tabs, you will not be able to recover them from Chrome.

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Can the system restore recover Chrome tabs?

You shouldn’t need to conduct a system restore in order to recover closed Chrome tabs. But if your computer crashes and you do a system restore, Chrome should start with the saved tabs and bookmarks from before the system failure.

Can I restore lost Chrome tabs from the time machine backup?

Yes, you can find current tabs in Time Machine, or any other backup software for that matter. from a time before. After restoring the tabs from your backup, start Chrome, and you should see the recently closed tabs under History → Recently Closed.

Can you restore Google Chrome tabs from another computer?

Does restoring tabs show up in Chrome history?

Yes, when you open a closed tab from your Chrome history, it will show up in your history with the time you opened the tab.

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