How to use multiple accounts and app sharing on the Oculus Quest 2

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Meta may have sold about 10 million Oculus Quest 2 units, but a lot more than 10 million people use them. Many people share their headsets with loved ones, kids, roommates, or friends at parties. But sharing means those people can use (and mess up) your save files or multiplayer records. Thankfully, you can create multiple Quest 2 accounts while sharing game libraries between those accounts, keeping things separate without wasting money. Here’s how to do so.

How to create multiple accounts and share apps on the Quest 2

Before you start, decide who will be the “administrator” on your Quest 2. Whoever operates the primary account will have the option to delete the other accounts. Also, only apps bought on the primary account will share with the secondary users; any games bought on non-primary accounts will only be playable on those accounts. So the main account should likely go to whoever plans to buy the most games.

If you decide you want a different Quest/Facebook account as the administrator, you’ll need to factory reset your Quest 2 and set it up from scratch. So get that out of the way if you need to. Then, follow the steps below to set up multiple accounts on the Quest 2:

  1. From the main Oculus menu, select Quick Settings on the left side of the Universal menu.

    Quest 2 Multiple AccountsSource: Android Central

  2. From the full menu, select Settings in the top-right.

    Quest 2 Multiple AccountsSource: Android Central

  3. Select the Accounts Settings menu.

    Quest 2 Multiple AccountsSource: Android Central

  4. You’ll find your main Admin account icon and an option to Add account in the top-right. Make sure tracking is enabled or you won’t be able to proceed.

    Quest 2 Multiple AccountsSource: Android Central

  5. You’ll be prompted to set up a pattern passcode to lock your Admin account, to ensure that other users can’t access the main account. You can skip this step if you trust other people in the household.

  6. It’ll also ask you whether or not you want to enable app sharing on your Quest 2. In doing so, all of your Oculus Store purchases will be available to other users on this headset only. Select Enable or Skip.

    Quest 2 Multiple AccountsSource: Android Central

  7. You’ll be prompted to pass the headset to the new account owner. You can also continue to set up yourself if the other person is younger or uncomfortable.
  8. Log into the new user’s Facebook account. If that person has a preexisting Oculus account, you must also log into Oculus. Otherwise, select the New User option.
  9. Create a new 4-digit store passcode and account pattern passcode to protect your account.
  10. Watch the introductory video and enjoy your new account!

At this point, the new user should be able to access all of the Quest 2 games bought on the primary account. From the Universal menu, click the Apps icon on the right. You should see all of the games they bought there.

If you don’t see them, make sure you have App Sharing enabled. From the primary account, go back to the Account Settings menu. You’ll see a quick App Sharing toggle that enables (or disables) the feature.

If you want to switch users, click your profile icon in the Universal menu, then Switch accounts in the top-right corner. Select the account you want to use, then input your pattern passcode if you added one.

Otherwise, secondary users can go to the Quest Store and download or purchase new games. Just remember that games you buy may not be available on the primary account.

How to delete accounts on the Quest 2

Maybe a loved one decided they just weren’t into VR… or you and that loved one decided to break up. Regardless, it’s surprisingly easy to delete a user account on the Quest 2.

Follow the same steps as before: Go to Quick Settings, main Settings, and Account Settings. Click the three-dot icon above the secondary account picture, then select Remove. You’ll be asked to confirm this action, at which point that account will be gone! Any purchases associated with that Oculus/Facebook account will remain if you ever decide to re-add the account, however.

If you want to remove your account from a headset but don’t have access to the Quest 2 in question, it’s also quite simple. Go to and Continue using your Facebook account. You’ll see any accounts associated with a Quest or Quest 2, including headsets “Shared with You.” Simply “Remove myself from this device” to delete the account remotely.

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