How to use Samsung’s Quick Share feature

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An old Note

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Render Reco

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Stunning design and powerful hardware

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ may be old, but it still packs one helluva punch. Whet your appetite for a drop-dead gorgeous flagship with banging internal hardware with this phone. Your eyes will never tire of that captivating Dynamic AMOLED display or the fun and functional S Pen.

If you couldn’t grab the swankiest new Android phone this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, consider upgrading to an older flagship instead. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is an extremely powerful phone, and it is absolutely breathtaking. You’ll be more than happy with the superb S Pen it hides neatly in its luxurious body. The hardware combo is upper-tier and delivers unwaveringly good performance even by today’s standards.

Additional Equipment

Quick Share is handy for impromptu image and video transfers to a certain extent. However, if you’re planning on exchanging substantial amounts of data, consider grabbing a USB Type-C flash drive for your phone. It’s also a great idea to use a microSD card to copy them to your computer, assuming your phone supports expandable storage.

Samsung Duo Plus

Samsung Duo Plus Flash Drive 256GB
($48 at Amazon)

Gain the portability and ease of access offered only by a good old-fashioned thumb drive. Samsung’s Duo Plus Flash Drive comes with a USB-C port, so it’ll plug right into your Android phone.

Samsung Evo Select Plus 256gb Microsd Caed

SAMSUNG EVO Select Plus microSD Card 256GB
($25 at Amazon)

Expand your Android phone’s internal storage with the SAMSUNG EVO Select Plus microSD Card. Sporting a robust build, this card features read/write speeds of up to 130MB/s.

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