How Well Do You Know Your TN, IPS and VA

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It’s Been A While Since We Discussed Display Types

If you ask what the best display type is you may well get a different answer from everyone you talk to.  The truth is that each have their own strengths and there are times when either TN, VA or IPS is the proper solution, however none are perfect in every situation.  There are also the continuing innovations which have overcome some of the weaknesses of the various display types.

TN panels used to be the kings of refresh rates and grey to grey response times, however now it is an IPS panel which offers the fastest refresh rate on the market at 360Hz.  IPS displays offer the best viewing angles, however now that many VA panels are curved the lead is not quite the same as it used to be.  On the other hand, it is rare to find any native 10 bit displays that are not IPS, there are a handful of professional 10 bit VA panels but for the most part they, and TN panels, are 8-bit+frame rate control.

TechSpot compared well over a dozen different displays to see how they fare in other tests, such as contrast, brightness and colour gamut in this recent review.  Even if you are familiar with the different panel types it is worth taking a peek at the current state of the market.

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