Hurry and snap up Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE for $249 before it’s too late (again)

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Hurry and snap up Samsung's Galaxy S20 FE for $249 before it's too late (again)

The 5G-enabled Galaxy S20 FE is, let’s face it, pretty old. Commercially released back in the fall of 2020, the flat-screened Snapdragon 865 powerhouse was obviously supposed to get a Snapdragon 888 sequel months ago, but due largely to the huge chip shortage that’s rocked the mobile industry to its core this year, the S21 FE 5G is expected to only see daylight in 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

5G, 128GB Storage, 6GB RAM, Navy Blue, Prepaid, Straight Talk

$450 off (64%)

Until then, Samsung-loving bargain hunters may want to snap up the 6.5-inch S20 Fan Edition at $249. Despite its advanced age, the high-end handset is an undeniable steal this Black Friday, and no, you don’t have to trade anything in to shave a whopping (and completely unprecedented) 450 bucks off its $699 list price.

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All you need is to be quick and order the bad boy from Walmart (either on or offline) as soon as possible, as well as accept Straight Talk as your carrier for at least 12 months. After a year, you’re free to unlock your deeply discounted Galaxy S20 FE 5G unit and use it on whatever wireless network you please.
Straight Talk, mind you, is officially owned by Verizon now, already delivering reliable, blazing fast, and affordable prepaid service using the airwaves of all three major US carriers.
In case this killer deal happens to sound somewhat familiar, we should probably point out that you’re essentially looking at Walmart’s iPhone 12 mini equivalent for hardcore Samsung fans. Of course, the S20 FE is larger and, as some Android enthusiasts will undoubtedly insist, better than its iOS-running bargain rival in a number of other ways. 

At $249, it’s also 50 bucks cheaper while coming with the same number of strings attached and special requirements. Namely, just the one – obligatory Straight Talk service. Otherwise, this is a straightforward (no pun intended) and decidedly attractive promotion that’s technically been around for a few days now, going out of stock however shortly after debuting before returning earlier today, presumably for a limited time once again.

In case you’re wondering, the Galaxy S20 FE 5G is not very affordable right now in an unlocked variant, fetching $550 and up on Amazon after a modest $150 discount, which further highlights the amazing appeal of Walmart’s prepaid holiday offer.

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